Another Victory for Censorship?

By: Michael John McCrae

Radical Islam has scored another censorship victory over the west without firing a shot or even making a threat. The Germans have retreated from freedom for the press by pressuring a publisher not to release a book dealing with the Muslim practice of “Honor Killing”.

The article was on the website entitled: “German Publisher, Fearing Muslim Retaliation, Cancels Honor-Killing Novel; Friday , October 09, 2009, by Maxim Lott which begins: “A German book publisher has canceled a novel about Islamic “honor killings,” fearing that the book would offend the Muslim community and put him in danger. Critics of the decision call it a cowardly move, but others say the publisher is simply being responsible.”

Germany is having its problems with Islam. The government has permitted thousands of immigrants from Muslim countries to move into Germany and rather than force assimilation into the German culture and language the government has permitted the Muslims to enclave and retain their Muslim identities, laws and practices. Muslim children attend German schools but are not forced to adhere to any particular Western curriculum or participate in any program that may be construed as anti-Islamic. German children are instructed in Islam but Muslim children are given no instruction in Western Religious practices.

It is the same with France and England. Muslims are not required to assimilate or learn languages, customs or histories of their host nation. They have been permitted to build mosques and enclave into Muslim communities that have little to do with France, England or any other European country. Most of these enclaves are poor slums that do nothing to benefit the host society; becoming economic strains on society at large; while demanding concessions, welfare and the unhindered practice of Sharia Islamic Law.

All of this has bred the fear behind publishing anything remotely related to explaining the more unruly and dangerous aspects of radical Islam. From the article: “The publisher of the book, which was to have been titled “To Whom Honor is Due,” has indicated that he withdrew the book after an expert on Islam warned that some of the passages could spark violent retaliation from Muslims.”

I suppose this is the way all future publishing will be treated in Europe and the United States. Every work that even once mentions the “Religion of Peace” must be vetted by some “expert on Islam”. If there’s even the slightest hint that it may upset the King of Saudi Arabia or some Islamic radical with a chip on his Koran, the project will not see light of day; the author will be castigated and another AP article of capitulation will extol the virtues of keeping the darker aspects of Islam off the world’s bookshelves.

The rest of the article discusses reactions to the book, the author and the publisher. What all the reactions boil down to is the capitulation of a supposed threat from Islamists.

The world is seeing the threats posed by Muslims that refuse assimilation. The clerics of Islam forbid the westernization of Muslims and encourage confrontation toward the goal of creating Islamic states within states. They have been very successful with these goals in France, England and Germany. All three of those countries are now faced with a cultural crisis of identity of their own making. America is following in these European footsteps on tip-toe; not wanting to damage the fragile ego of any radical Islamist on American soil.

We can see how acceding to political correctness can affect freedom. Freedom of speech, press and association are all being affected. Muslims will not assimilate. Every aspect of being a Muslim is antithetical to true freedom as it binds individual adherents to the whimsical visions of Imams and their various interpretations of the Koran. Muslim law under the Koran is completely antithetical to the American Constitution. You will not find many (if any) American Muslim willing to stand before the Muslim community and stress a true adoption into American culture and law. It will always be the absolute devotion to a man-centered, man-inspired, man-created Islamic law which precludes the American Constitution, and Declaration stressing the inalienable rights endowed to men by their Creator.

Every physical assault on American culture and law since 1972 has originated from the more radical arms of the Muslim world. It might be wise to study what is happening within Europe to avoid falling into the quagmire that has become a breeding ground for the next generation of Islamic terrorists. It might also be time to begin investigating the many enclaves sprouting in America. Are these Muslims assimilating or are they trying to keep their identities, laws and separation from American culture? You see, I believe that if you are going to move to America and accept American citizenship as a legal immigrant, then you should be quite willing to be called an American, learn American history and be willing to abide by the oath you take upon becoming an American citizen to protect American law and culture against the infringements of radical terrorists.

If you are unwilling to defend American freedom and culture you should probably just return to wherever it was you came from. Yes. It is that simple.

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