Citizens Beware

By: Guest Authors

By: William P. Frasca

Our Country is developing into a wilderness of seedy individuals with questionable unscrupulous track records of financial malpractices, abuses and corruption.

We are continually told, by the Socialist Democrats to sit back and allow the Government to take care of all our problems. They forgot to mention these very important concepts in their analysis. Which are never, ever underestimate the incompetence and stupidity of the Government and to keep a progressive protective eye on our Constitutional rights and freedoms, from these blood sucking cretins.

The United States of America is trillions of dollars in the red, with increasing doom and gloom. Tennessee Ernie Ford sang a popular song in the fifties, called “Sixteen Tons”, written by Merle Travis. It described an individual working hard, in a coal mine, with little pay getting deeper and deeper in debt with only one store to purchase basic living essentials, which was owned by the company. Does this sound familiar?

Presently we are reliving this with a foreign company store. These loans from China will not only presently affect us, but it will continue in the future, placing additional financial burdens on our children. They will be working hard, if they have the luxury of being employment? For years, just to pay off the interest rates, never mind the principle of our National debt to the Chinese government. Hopefully the dollar and American ideology will survive this calamity.

Isn’t it ironic that not only do we owe this money to them, but we also purchase products, made by them, which in the past were manufactured in America, by Americans? Isn’t that a kick in the pants? They are our biggest importers. Are we regressing in time, reverting to an American future owed by a company store? Will our quality of life and standards be extremely diminished? Are our children destined to a life of limited options, career opportunities, education, poverty or forced predetermined livelihoods, with little or no advancement or escape?

How did we get into this awful predicament? The truth of the matter is very simple, we deserve what we elect. How many individuals if asked, contributed to the ever increasing voter apathy or have absolutely no clue of the candidate’s motives or their platform, in which they support. This was quit evident with the successful election of our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” and Al Franken as United States Senator from Minnesota. We allowed corrupt, dishonest, shady organizations such as A.C.O.R.N. openly register fictitious individuals with bogus names and allowing them to vote, without any scrutiny and adding them into the final count, tainting our valuable voting process. These illegal events happened, without any retribution, punishment or responsibilities.

We allowed ourselves to be used and manipulated by Government vampires, who have the unique uncanny knack of blaming others, to hide their lack of skills, inabilities, intelligences, corruption, greed, selfishness, fraud, dishonesty and deceitful deviate behavior. We have even regressed further into the belly of the beast, by having a one party rule, eliminating the essential checks and balances initially established by our intelligent forefathers. This is an abomination. Absolute power corrupts. There must always be an ever watchful entity of astute perception, to generate a government of acceptance instead of intolerable arrogance.

Greedy, inept, crooked politicians and high ranking public officials, on all levels of government created this explosive inflated abomination of financial ruin, which is relentlessly plaguing us. The simple most logical sensible antidote would be simply cutting all taxes and allowing Capitalism and American ingenuity to elevate us from the ashes, as the phoenix and succeed.

Raising taxes during a recession is absurd, yet they continue to endorse and follow this treacherous path of failed economic ruin. Without their tax and spend philosophy, their insatiable hunger for self indulgence, nepotism, holding multiple high paying jobs, political favors, pork barrel projects, increased corruption, pay to play, kickbacks, thievery, granting illegal aliens benefits, are all working in unison to form an escalated atmosphere of abuse and inefficient policies of exorbitant wasteful spending?

There’s talk from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “the contemptible one”, that the Socialist Democrats might propose a Value-Added Tax, which is just another word for a National Sales Tax. The well is dry and the cow is dehydrated, yet they are still devising different ways of squeezing that last final drop.

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