A More Perfect Union for All

By: Patti Bankson

Have you heard? There’s a new Supreme in town and everyone in La-La Land’s wondering whether her singing meets Diana Ross’s high standard! I’d like to say… “Just kidding!”, but, as silly as it may sound, I can’t… because there probably are people in La-La Land who think that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Of course, those of us living in the real world know that the new Supreme I’m talking about is Justice Sonia Sotomayor whose first day on the job was Monday, when the Supreme Court started its new term. And, in case you’re wondering, those of us who’ve seen the YouTube video of her singing know it’s just as well she picked a career in Law, not singing. However, whether that career choice will serve our country and our citizens, as well as it’s serving her, is another question. We already know that she leans more in the direction of who needs an application of TLC rather than an application of the law, but who knows… maybe she’ll surprise us!

Speaking of surprises…. maybe, one of these days, (soon, I hope!) all the people who point fingers and hurl racism accusations will surprise us and stop engaging in their own (subtle) racism. Although I agree that Sotomayor’s story is another one of those wonderful “America, as the Land of Opportunity” stories, it annoys me when statements are made like the one she made Monday: picking up on President Obama “hailing” her new position as “another step toward that more perfect union that we all seek”, she said, ”…it is this nation’s faith in a more perfect union that allows a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx to stand here now.” I’m sorry, but I have to ask… aren’t we supposed to be a “color-race-gender-age-sexual-preference-blind” country? I also have to ask, is there a double standard that exists when it comes to who is allowed to notice someone else’s color?

I understand that there has been racism and that racism, real and perceived, still looms large over our society. But, now that we have a “post-racial” president, I’m wondering… when does this longed for “post-racial” period begin, and how does it happen? Does this whole “hyphenated” thing… “Italian-American, African-American, Mexican-American… Whatever-American”… help? Does describing oneself in obvious, “I’m different from you” terms, while screaming for a “color-blind” society help? Are we supposed to treat you differently, because you’re different… or treat you like everyone else, because you are like everyone else? Or, is this, as I suspect, not really about sameness and difference… but about punishment? If so, will there ever be enough punishment meted out to satisfy?

Everyone, including our President and our Congress, needs to remember that our Constitution, and its Preamble, applies to all American Citizens… no American President should ever make a statement that infers that reaping the benefits of our Constitution… or a more perfect union… is just for the down-trodden, or just for those of a certain color; just for those who are successful, or not. It’s not, and never has been, about deserving more because one has less; nor about deserving less because one has more. It is what it is: an opportunity offered to all our citizens for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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