Just How Many Adults Does it Take to Screw up a Child?

By: Michael John McCrae

We understand it only takes one democratically elected foreign born usurper (Obama) to screw up the entire United States. It only takes one autoworker’s union to screw up American industry. It only takes one teacher’s union to screw up the entire American educational establishment. It takes approximately four individuals (Rangel, Frank, Pelosi, and Reid) to completely re-write every rule of the American Congress and about the same number (Ginsburg, Sotomeyor, Kennedy, Breyer) to judicially destroy the American Constitution. But it is looking like it takes a village to undermine a child’s trust in anything and everything adult.

Four incredible articles hit the Foxnews.com website today. I say incredible because adults in America are acting on their Barack Obama, Roman Polanski, Rosie O’Donnell and David Letterman role models to destroy the innocence of American children and in some cases destroy the children.

The first article from the Associated Press was entitled: “Oregon Man Accused of Sex Crimes Involving Teens, Dog Hit With New Charges Against 4-Year-Old Girl” where a despicably evil 44-year-old man by the name of Darrin Daily stands accused of soliciting group sex with a 14-year-old girl using Craigslist ads.

From the article: “Three men and a woman have been accused of abusing the 14-year-old, who is too young under Oregon law to consent to sex with adults…accused of responding to the Craigslist ad: Patricio Moreno, 43, of Forest Grove; Robert D. Thompson, 34, of Portland; and David Garcia, 41, of McMinnville. All are charged with sex abuse and rape. Alisa Nice, 31, of McMinnville, was charged Wednesday with sexual abuse, sodomy and using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct. Police said she knew Daily.

All five of these abusive scum-suckers are in police custody where I personally hope they stay for the remainder of their natural lives.

As sick and perverse as this may seem, it gets even more perverse: “A police press release… said that a 4-year-old girl whose image was in computer files seized at Daily’s house had told of being abused and was in the care of a child abuse assessment center…a third victim, a 15-year-old girl, came forward in early September and told them that Daily had recently given her alcohol and marijuana before they had sex…A week later, police said in affidavits, they arrested Daily. Searching his computer equipment, they said, they found images of the 14-year-old [who told] police she’d had sex with Daily about every other weekend since February and described encounters involving bondage, multiple adults and a dog.”

Remember those names and follow this case. These five individuals deserve a death penalty but will probably find some way to skate out of that. If Roman Polanski can skate after raping a 13-year-old and then be defended by the bulk of Hollywood and the mainstream press; old Darrin Daily and his hodgepodge of Craigslist sexual perverts may find their own entourage of defenders certifying that it wasn’t “rape-rape”.

The second article that would probably make any pro-abortionist proud was also from the Associated Press entitled: “NYC Father Admits Killing Daughter, 14, Found in Boiler Pregnant With His Child”

Now this was a very short article without much detail other than the death of another young girl who had been sexually abused; this time, by her own father. But we would all do well to remember the name and the circumstance: “A New York City father has pleaded guilty to murdering the 14-year-old daughter who was pregnant with his child and stuffing her body in a boiler. Miguel Matias pleaded guilty to second-degree murder…He faces 25 years to life in prison. Ana Matias was found stuffed in the boiler in her father’s apartment building…Initially; Matias told police he strangled the girl because she was typing “sex things” on her computer. An investigation revealed the girl was 12 weeks pregnant with her father’s child.”

How sick must an adult be to murder two souls as immediately related as two children? This evil, perverted Miguel Matias killed his daughter, but not until after he had sexually used her; getting her pregnant. Now the only question will be how many murders will Miguel be held accountable for and whether he will get the maximum penalty or be considered merely a first time offender.

Kudos to the state of Pennsylvania for getting five sexual perverts off their streets. Four of the five named in the article: “Man Asked His Own Daughter for Sex on Facebook” are: Timothy A. Gehres, 22, 205 East Center St., Donaldson, Schuykill County. Frank W. Bonacci, 27, 105 Legrande Drive, Pittsburgh. Michael Edward Quartucci, 27, 2544 West Girard Ave., Philadelphia and Timothy D. Anderson, 42, 141 Conestoga Blvd., Lancaster. So remember those names and follow the cases to ensure the safety of your children.

It is the fifth sexual pervert that I want to concentrate on here, because like Miguel Matias it is a father who desired sex with his own child and even went so far as to arrange a meeting with camera and condoms at the ready. From the article: “Attorney General Tom Corbett said on Friday that John Forehand, of Lititz, PA., allegedly used Facebook to find and sexually proposition his own biological daughter, calling himself “Bad Daddy.”…Forehand proposed meeting the girl for sex and explained in graphic detail the sex acts, telling her “not many other fathers and daughters are this brave, so not many of them are so lucky to experience all these pleasures.”

Here is another pervert that has got to be locked away until his manhood is severely tested by a major prison population.

Fortunately, daughter told mom and mom told police. Forehand was arrested: “…when he arrived at a predetermined meeting location on October 7. Agents seized a camera, tripod and an unopened box of condoms from Forehand’s vehicle, along with a digital camera, camcorder, computers and data-storage devices from his home.”

Before you get the idea that all this sexual perversion is confined to men we should consider the fourth article entitled: “Wisconsin Mom Strips in Front of Kids to Avoid Arrest” which began: “Police say a Wisconsin woman stripped in front of her children in an attempt to avoid arrest for shoplifting, then scuffled with officers and exposed herself through a squad car window. Julia E. Laack, 36, of Sheboygan was charged Friday with felony battery of a peace officer, resisting an officer, shoplifting and two counts of disorderly conduct, the Sheboygan Press reported.”

She was found to have a high blood-alcohol level after being subdued, but before that she allegedly…stole a bag of beef jerky and a lighter at a convenience store [and when] Police went to her home. The complaint said she refused to come to the door and began screaming and swearing at three children in her house…[when] Police entered and tried to calm her down…she stripped to her underwear and told the officers they couldn’t arrest her because she would be naked.”

She then fought with the police officers and after finally being subdued exposed herself from the squad car transporting her to the police station. All of that in front of three children. She is a bad mommy.

Now, maybe mommy Julia doesn’t need to be locked away, but she does need some serious therapy toward curing her tendencies to shoplift, fight with authorities, curse at her children and drink to excess.

This was a very bad news day for the domestic front. The sad thing is that these are incidents that are being replayed across America. Children have become targets for the sexual whims of adults in their 30s and 40s. People like those above have condemned morality to their darkest corner and have permitted lust and perversion to rule their lives.

Remember these names. Watch how the judicial system handles these cases. Will there be justice on behalf of the children who have been harmed? Will there be any sympathy displayed at all for the adults who chose to exploit and kill these children? We shall see.

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