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October 15, 2009

Palestine – Israeli Palestinians or Palestinian Jordanians?

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 15 Oct 2009

Former Chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Ahmed Qureia first raised the possibility of Israeli residents living in the West Bank becoming Palestinian citizens in any new State created between Jordan and Israel as an answer to forced removal from their existing …

The Scriptures Describe the Liberal Democrat (Romans 1:16-32)

Filed under: Politics In General,Religion & Faith - 15 Oct 2009

President Obama has a history of associations that evokes the natural envy of world dictators, Mafia chieftains, union thugs, communists, radical Islamists, corrupt and racist religionists, political leftist activists, Hollywood, mainstream media and trial lawyers.

Money and Celebrity the New Substitute for Justice in America

Filed under: In The News - 15 Oct 2009

Is leftism rising to the defense of evil even as it sinks to the depths of hell? Perhaps this question would have made a better title for this article but why scare readers away with what may only be construed …

Hurl Away!

“Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.” Anybody remember that little commercial ditty? I’m thinking that should be Jimmy Carter’s theme song, with the “sometimes you don’t” part taken out, ‘cuz he sounds like a nut every time …

Marching Towards Socialism

o, now that the Baucus plan has cleared the Senate Finance Committee we are one step closer to the nationalization of our economy and the elimination of our individual liberties as they will soon be transferred to Washington. By this …