Marching Towards Socialism

By: Craig Chamberlain

o, now that the Baucus plan has cleared the Senate Finance Committee we are one step closer to the nationalization of our economy and the elimination of our individual liberties as they will soon be transferred to Washington. By this point anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave in the tribal regions of Pakistan knows the Drill. The Democrats want to nationalize health care, the official reason for this is to help those without health care. The real reason is that they want to move the country to the left, permanently, and there is no faster way to do this than to make everyone dependent on the government.

We saw this with welfare. Welfare recipients, being dependent on the state, always voted Democratic in order to preserve their government aid. The Democrats, with a subservient class of dependents, always had a large bloc of voters they could count on. With health care, they can take that same principle and apply it to everyone instead of just a relatively small group of people on welfare. This will be a new entitlement, a welfare for the middle class, which will inevitably make the people more dependent on the state, fearful of losing their benefits, and unwilling to get rid of the new entitlements.

The voters were able to reform welfare, because the middle class had enough and demanded reform. With nationalized health care the middle class will be the main welfare class and they will do everything in their power to prevent reform, that is they will become a solidly pro democratic bloc.

This is all about politics. Anyone who says that socialized medicine is a better system is either hopelessly ignorant or chronically dishonest. Americans are more likely to survive serious diseases, like cancer, than Europeans, Canadians, or other people who have the joys of socialized medicine. This is because that socialized medicine, as we all know by now, leads to rationing, death panels(I’m sorry, end of life counseling) and incredibly long waits for routine medical procedures.

So good news comrades, we’re on the way. Senator Baucus with his hodgepodge plan of tax hikes, medicare cuts, and government regulations, is taking us closer to that glorious day when we will all be under the healing hands of big brothers single payer universal health care plan. All of which will be controlled by Democratic party hacks, and politicians. That’s a comforting thought, the same group of people who can’t deliver the mail on time are going to be making medical decisions for us, driving up the deficit, and stripping Americans of their liberties.

Don’t believe me? Liberty is a zero-sum gain. You either have it or someone else does. If a government assumes a power, a liberty must be surrendered, if a power is taken away a liberty is gained. If the American people have this liberty taken away by congress, they gain a power. They gain the power to control a large, and important, part of our lives. And most likely we will never get it back. We have surrendered too many liberties to Washington so they could amass more power. We’ve bought into the lies that they need that power for fairness, social justice, or that they could be more efficient, or they need more power to protect the environment.

In the name of fairness they took over the schools and made them reeducation camps. They have the right to say what you can do, or not do, with your own property. They have the right to evict people from their homes so they can turn the property over to private developers who will bring the government more tax revenues.

Haven’t we surrendered enough of our freedoms? Our first amendment rights are under attack, our second amendment rights are under attack, our fourth amendment rights are under attack, do we want to give them the right to control our health care as well?

Socialism is incompatible with freedom. Even if a country remains democratic it is less free. Take a country, like Sweden, that has democratic elections, but a socialist system. Socialism can exist with democracy, but not freedom. In exchange for socialism many freedoms have to be surrendered.

President Obama and the Democrats see this as just the beginning, we’ve given up too much to Washington as it is. We can’t afford to give up any more. The politicians need to be made to remember that they are the servants of the people who elect them, and not the other way around. They need to be reminded of our opposition to this bill, because our very freedom is on the line if the Democrats get their way.

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