Top Ten Reasons Why David Letterman Should Resign

By: Nathan Tabor

Late-night talk host David Letterman has made hundreds of millions making fun of politicians who are caught up in major scandals, especially sexual blunders. And judging by his continued attacks against Sarah Palin, one may surmise he will not change a comedic formula that’s worked in garnering him millions of fans and even more millions of dollars.

It’s anyone’s guess whether or not Letterman’s showbiz career will be damaged by his recent admission that he has had sex with women who worked for him. Letterman is a husband and father, but that doesn’t seem to bother many of his fans. It wouldn’t surprise me if his Nielson ratings actually climb, since far too many Americans are willing to reward bad behavior.

Big difference between Letterman and those he has ridiculed is that the butts of his jokes haven¹t taken glee in his sexual exploits being exposed in public.

Personally, in that name of decency, I believe David Letterman should resign. But that’s just my opinion. And in keeping with a Letterman trademark comedy routine, here are my Top Ten Reasons Why David Letterman Should Resign:

Number 10: He made a career out of telling President Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky jokes.

Number 9: Letterman called on Governor Eliot Spitzer in March 2008 to step down. He later joked “It’s so sunny and bright outside that, earlier today, Eliot Spitzer came out of a brothel squinting”"I mean, can you imagine,” Letterman stated, “if this happened to me how fast they’d have my … (butt) out of here?”

Number 8: “Both my thoughts and my prayers are with him,” said South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Tuesday after a speaking engagement at a Rotary Club meeting in Easley, S.C. One of many jokes Letterman told was the governor “didn’t really enjoy this year’s Fourth of July. He left his favorite firecracker in Argentina.”

Number 7: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin¹s 14 year-old-daughter was viciously attacked by Letterman. I will not even repeat what he said.

Number 6: Former US Senator Larry Craig was arrested in a sting operation while cruising for sex with men in a toilet stall. Letterman quipped that it “gives new meaning to the word ‘caucusing.’”

Number 5: Sen David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, admitted he has been dating prostitutes. Letterman said, “And he was very generous with one girl: He paid her with a new highway project in her home state.”

Number 4: While Rep. Mark Foley told reporters, “I feel sorry for David. I take no glee,” during Foley’s scandal, Letterman joked, “How about that Florida Congressman Mark Foley? Whoa! At least the Democrats wait until the interns are 18.”

Number 3: In 1987, US Sen. Gary Hart, a presidential candidate, was a favorite target of Letterman when he hosted a late-late night show. The gap-toothed comedian said, “Big weekend for Gary Hart, he was campaigning his brains out.”

Number 2: John Edwards recently went through his own sex scandal.

Letterman placed him No. 1 on Letterman’s “Top Ten Signs Barack Obama Is Overconfident: Been cruising for chicks with John Edwards.”

And the Number 1 reason David Letterman should resign: He is a sexual predator who has used his power to abuse those who held him in high esteem.

(By the way, can you believe Monica Lewinsky turned 44 this past week? Time flies when your having fun.)

Nathan Tabor is an author, columnist and political consultant. He’s the CEO of TCV Media, a public relations firm in North Carolina.

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