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By: Eddie Clements

The latest buzz is that Senator John McCain is trying to remake the Republican Party in his image – centrist, accommodating, non-polarizing, but yet true to traditional American values. This apparently is an attempt at political gain – or rid the party of conservative influence, which has been deemed undesirable as a dominating force within the party.

I don’t care a whit about the party or what it calls itself. I care about the same things as most Americans: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; equality under fair and objective rule of law; the feeling that we can be safe in our person and possessions, can practice freedom of speech, worship, and peaceful assembly, and can bear arms to defend myself and loved ones. I favor political parties that favor those things, which we call conservative values, and scorn political parties that want to limit them directly or indirectly.

I have my doubts that McCain’s “we’re really nice people” formula will defeat Democrats. Starting about 1968 the Democratic Party was altered nearly unrecognizably into what would become today’s party that is opposed to the American tradition of individualism. A coalition was needed to achieve this, so Democrats ignored the most depraved, outrageous behavior, including the most un-American ideas among their ranks, which also meant guaranteed mutual support among all members of their party if they were attain power. We see the outcome today, in the Democrats’ degeneracy and duplicity.

Senator McCain would doubtless disown such rhetoric, along with many other Republicans. They would likely say things like “Duly elected Democrats deserve respect as much as Republicans; we must respect all elected officials; many of our closest friends are Democrats; I have known them personally for years and as conscientious public servants they should not be described in such disreputable terms”; blah, blah, blah. Insert your own platitudes here.

Under ordinary circumstances, I would agree. The words are harsh, but the behavior that elicited such description, which resulted in a fouled-up nation, is much worse. The consequences for our republic, our freedoms, our very existence, that those behaviors by Democrats have caused, is reason to shock the senses into sitting up and paying attention.

I stick by the terms used to describe venal, delinquent, dishonest, deceitful Democrats. They are vile, a pestilence on democracy and our precious republic. They are polio, smallpox, and the plague all in one. And they have a leader in the White House who is a ruthless power-monger.

Unfortunately for well-meaning Republican patriots such as Senator McCain (who has been known to save his harshest criticism for his own party and people who lend him a hand), the difference between sincere, well-meaning, patriotic Democrats and their ill-intended extremist counterparts cannot be discerned when they all vote as one block. Know also conservatives do not exist among today’s Democrats, the so-called “blue-dog” designation notwithstanding. It is nothing more than a rhetorical distraction to fool their voters from their true purpose: to retain power at all cost.

Before going further, we might add that the current president is far from a sterling example of sincere liberalism even in the most charitable definition. Barack Obama’s history of associations, his words and deeds put him in the class of extremists, a distinction McCain himself refused to make during the presidential campaign despite the evidence. During the economic debacle/crisis in September 2008, Mr. McCain went to Washington and then voted for a TARP package that Obama also wanted, along with a huge majority of Democrats.

Note to McCain: if you want to differentiate yourself from the other guy, don’t act like the other guy, because no one watching can tell the difference.

So – I hope McCain fails. If he tries to organize Republicans like he did his own presidential campaign, he will. But the real reason for hoping he fails is the simple fact that we don’t need nice guys right now, we need tough hombres who want to win – who realize that everything we have built depends on the success of defeating Democrat politicians and political operatives, and exposing their villainy. We don’t have to be nasty, just single-minded of purpose; stick to the Constitution and tell the truth. No namby-pamby bi-partisanship. That’s a Democrat code-word for co-opting conservative values and getting what Democrats want.

We must also defeat the far left progressive-fascists who give financial aid and comfort to enemy Democrats, running them and their programs disguised as “compassion” and “good intentions” out of business. Identify them and call them and their ideas to account. Publish names, associations, dates, places, amounts. And while you’re at it, remind them that the day will come when they are out of power and everything they pass now will be reversed. Remind the trial lawyers they have a lot of chutzpah trying to dictate what doctors earn, while refusing any controls on their activities.

Remind Democrats they destroyed black families through their programs, and that Democrats are the party of the American apartheid in the South. Remind Democrats their ill-advised programs drove social security broke, increasing our national deficit. Their endless quest for more regulations caused higher prices, adversely impacting poorer people, who they claim to champion. Actions like banning DDT resulted in millions of deaths. Ask Democrats to point to one successful government program rooted in “compassion” for the less fortunate. Ask them how many fortunes were made by people through welfare, or how many who receive welfare used it as seed money to achieve greater things because of the amount they got. Or how many got off welfare because they were embarrassed by it?

Democrats are leading us down a dark road, and trouble will surely come. For all you law enforcement people out there, national guardsmen, and active and reserve military, listen to this. The time may come soon when you will be called upon by those in authority locally or in Washington to act against patriotic Americans, who are exactly the same as your mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. When that time comes, you must stand down, and here is why.

Those people will be protesting, not violently, but in civil disobedience, the taking of their property, their inheritance, their rights, through force of law. They are the very same as those who gave you the values that made you want to serve the public and defend the country. The Democrats/progressive-fascists/leftists in positions of authority who will be ordering you to forcibly subdue your own people cannot abide those values or those people believing in them – including you. This is because you and your family believe in merit, private property, liberty, individualism – all opposed by the left.

Leftists have one primary goal above all else – collectivism by force. What is the difference between taking at lawpoint or taking at gunpoint, besides one is written and the other is not? Collectivism means income redistribution, job assignment, career assignment, housing assignment, health-care assignment, food assignment – children assignment. Assignment – by centralized bureaucrats, who must pass political litmus tests or they will not attain positions of influence. Voting will become like voting in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s tenure. He got 99% of the vote.

Those in authority have no power other than what can be enforced by proper agents, police and the military. It will be up to you. Don’t be in the position of having to offer up the German defense at Nuremburg: I killed because I had to follow orders.

You cannot be fooled by former brothers in law enforcement or military like yourself who now work in positions of power. They will be part of the problem, not part of the solution. This is why those in positions of authority higher up must heed this warning not to pass along orders from politicians. We must all stick together – lawful protestors/dissidents and enforcement personnel alike.

As for the Republican Party and conservatives, there is no alternative to Democrats except a third party. If it comes to that, we will have no choice. A political party that does not stand up and call out the opposition, when the purpose of that opposition is to forcibly crush the means and the will of people who adhere to the letter and values our Constitution holds, is of no value to the citizens who identify with that party.

God help us all, and God save the United States of America.

Eddie Clements

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