White House Finally Goes to War

By: Craig Chamberlain

At last the White House has made its decision. No sacrifice it too great, no expense it to be spared, it’s all out war. They have come to the realization that they have allowed the enemy to regroup, and their enemy has now been able to launch successful attacks against it. No, the Obama administration has had enough. The enemy will be defeated, no matter what the cost.

You didn’t think I was talking about the Taliban did you? No, they’re still fiddling while Afghanistan burns. No, the real enemy is Fox News. Nothing will be spared in order to wipe Fox News out and silence their irritating voice of dissent forever. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The left has always thought of the media as their monopoly, and conservative interlopers simply have no place in it. We also have an incredibly thin skinned President who bristles at criticism and does whatever he can to silence it.

Now, let’s dispense with some myths right now. Fox News is not right wing. There are plenty of Liberals on Fox News, like Bret Baier, Sheperd Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Greta Van Sustren, Alan Colmes, and Juan Williams. About half of Fox Viewers are Democrats or Independents. Liberals get plenty of air time on Fox to air their views, the same can’t be said of conservatives and their views on NBC, CBS, ABC, or CNN. Liberals are treated with respect, you don’t see that for conservatives(just watch Anderson Cooper when he talks about the people at the tea parties) on the other news outlets.

Fox News did something simple, but brilliant. They realized that there are millions of Americans out there who are conservatives(according to polls about 33% of Americans consider themselves conservative compared to 21% who consider themselves liberal) realizing that these people have money and don’t like being insulted, ridiculed, or degraded any more than anyone else, Fox News decided why not have some programming for these people. When you consider that the so called “mainstream media” at best ignores conservatives, or at worst wages unceasing war against them, this was a revolutionary idea. Instead of having a red faced, foaming at the mouth Keith Olbermann ranting about conservatives and the fascist threat, or a smirking, barely literate Anderson Cooper (who probably projects his own sexual desires when he mocks conservatives as “teabaggers”) passing himself off as a journalist, Fox News has given us a very sane, and pro free market(a rarity in the media) Neil Cavuto, a Sean Hannity, a pugnacious Bill O’Reilly, and a populist in Glenn Beck. When compared to the goofballs on CNN, MSNBC, or the network news, the aforementioned conservatives are the paragons of sanity and moderation.

It’s easy to see why the left despises Fox. Who else would question the Presidents health care plan, bailouts, cap and trade? Who else bothered to expose a Van Jones, point out the fraud and abuse and outright criminality at ACORN? Who else worries about the Taliban, or a nuclear Iran? The left either doesn’t see these things as problems, or are too busy shilling for the President to ask questions. The left and the White House simply wish Fox News would go away, oh that pesky first amendment. So instead they have unceasingly tried to marginalize it, with the results of increased ratings as Americans continue to see the mainstream press as propaganda while Fox actually has a real balance of right and left.

Fox News succeeds because they don’t question your patriotism, insult your intelligence, don’t tell you what to think, and actually ask our leaders tough questions. That’s not something the Obama administration can stand. I suspect that the attacks on Fox News are a trial run at a larger offensive against opposition media. If they can shut our and marginalize Fox they will probably try to reinstate the “fairness doctrine” against talk radio to silence conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh. Whether that’s the case or not this administration has shown itself to be hostile towards different views, intolerant of criticism, and desperate to make sure that there’s is the only voice heard.

This administration is simply not serious when it comes to the country’s real problems. The real enemies of America are out gathering strength, and they will not make a decision as to whether or not to send reinforcement. Iran is working towards nuclear weapons and all the Obama White House is concerned with is making sure Glenn Beck doesn’t get to criticize them and that the other networks don’t pay any attention to what Fox is reporting on. Yeah, that’s real leadership there.

The American people thought they were voting for hope and change, who knew that they had voted in the Chicago mob?

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