Controversial Illegal Alien Halloween Costume Sells Out Nationwide After Immigration Enforcement Group Calls For Purchases


A few hours after the national organization ALIPAC called for supporters to make the controversial illegal alien Halloween costume pulled off shelves by Target the “Most Popular Costume of Halloween 2009,” the item has sold out in all online stores!

“We sent out our press release with links to about ten places consumers could buy this costume around Noon on Sunday,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “By 10 p.m. Eastern Time that night, every online store selling this costume had sold out!”

Gheen had ordered one of the costumes successfully before putting out the press release titled “Illegal Alien Costumes Are Cool for Halloween!” which appears on over 400 websites less than 24 hours after release. The press release contains a promise from William Gheen to appear in the costume for an interview on national television if invited. William Gheen has been a regular guest and source on CNN, FOX, CBS, and ABC over the last few years.

To raise awareness and funds to fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals, Gheen has listed his costume on Ebay. At the time of this release the costume has already received 15 bids and is trading for $108!

“I think it is great that this attempt to censor free political expression in America is backfiring on the illegal alien Amnesty supporters who went after Target over this costume,” said Gheen. “This costume is going to be the most popular costume of 2009 because 78% of Americans oppose any path to citizenship for illegal aliens and resent this attempt to quell free speech and freedom of expression in America.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is currently working against the groups that called for this costume to be removed. We have our national supporters calling, e-mailing, faxing, and writing congress to oppose the Comprehensive Amnesty bill being pushed by Congressman Luis Gutierrez.

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