Think Highly, Act Lowly

By: Eddie Clements

When Limbaugh first revealed he was part of a bid for an NFL franchise, my first thought was “how interesting”. The second thought was, “they’ll never let it happen.” They, of course, are the vast Left-wing fascist conspiracy seeking to establish ever-higher minimum wages and ever-lower levels of economic activity in which to earn those wages. Despite the talk-show king’s unwavering optimism, and oft-professed faith in the American people, it did not seem the forces of evil, the dark side, would allow even this minor triumph.

Pessimism like that can’t be learned, ya gotta be born with it. Years of observing the human condition can only reinforce it. Make no mistake, every incident bringing validation of that perspective brings no joy, but instead the most bizarre sense of perverse satisfaction. It’s kind of like thinking you should have carved on your tombstone, “See, I told you I was sick.”

Nevertheless, it does not prevent me from appreciating what is really good in the world, the genius of Limbaugh being but one example. In the affair’s aftermath, he responded with typical optimism and insight, saying he personally lost nothing, while the people who blocked his desires would still be unhappy. No doubt he is correct. The same forces that worked against Limbaugh keep the Left in constant anger over humankind’s failure to achieve perfection, by their definition. They aim so high, but act so low.

Rush has accomplished more through sharp observation, truth and adherence to principles than the sportscasters or liberal opinion-makers can dream of achieving. He is to socio-political commentary what Shakespeare was to describing the human socio-psychological condition. Since Rush’s philosophy diametrically opposes the Left, it must be their mission to destroy him and all like him.

Falsely attributing beliefs or direct statements to a person has been long practiced, but in the age of recorded media, you would think we would reject anything that could be so obviously and easily disproved. Instead, what emerges is the opportunity for every over-opinioned and under-knowledged TV talking head to weigh in on a subject he knows nothing about. Kind of like when Obama said he knew nothing about it, but said police acted “stupidly” when arresting a man for committing an offense.

Like the Obama thing, facts are unimportant. Obama’s friend was arrested, which, in a way, may have actually been stupid, knowing one will face intense persecution for offending the emperor.

So was the emperor offended when Rush was discovered to be part of an ownership bid? Most definitely. Set aside for the moment the possibility that the whole thing was going to be crushed once revealed to another of Obama’s friends, the executive director of the NFL Players Association. The sportscasters and other talking heads may not have made that connection. Even if they had, they probably wouldn’t pass up a chance to bash Rush, the shining symbol of conservative integrity and courage.

No, comment had to be made to redeem the offended emperor – no, not Obama. The offended premier in this case was political correctness. PC is a god so false, so manufactured, so totally intertwined with liberalism/progressivism/fascism it must be defended vehemently, virtually to the death. It is the best tool that the Left has developed to shut off debate, change the subject, deflect meaning, while leaving no daylight for an answer. Mark Steyn had an excellent column on PC misdirection in National Review ,, “A Tale of Two Soundbites”. Relating both the NFL bid and Anita Dunn’s homage to Mao Tse-Tung, Steyn comments on Dunn’s remarks to a high school graduating class thusly:

“He [Mao-Tse tung] killed 40–70 million Chinamen. Whoops, can you say ‘Chinamen’ or is that racist? Oh, and sexist. So hard keeping up with the Sensitivity Police in this pansified political culture, isn’t it? But you can kill 40–70 million Chinamen and that’s fine and dandy: You’ll be cited as an inspiration by the White House to an audience of high-school students. You can be anything you want to be! Look at Mao: He wanted to be a mass murderer, and he lived his dream! You can too!”

Dunn is so tied up praising revolutionaries she doesn’t even know what America is all about. Part of what America is about is avoiding mass murder of our own citizens. I guess all this means mass murder is OK, if done for the right – or rather, Left – reasons. Such thinking provides evidence the Left is incapable of self-examination. They are so busy examining the motives of others seen through a warped lens they can’t objectively put their own silliness in the proper perspective.

Jesus said it simpler, and better: before complaining about the splinter in your brother’s eye, remove the log in your own eye. Extending that, it proves far leftists can’t be true Christians. You can be a Christian, but not at the same time be a far leftist. But that’s a sidebar.

The media’s attacks on Rush were necessary to show their philosophy is built around sound ideas. Those ideas include obsequious surrender to racial sensitivity whether any potential slight is real or imagined. Consistent with the shakiness of such a viewpoint is the need to attribute quotes to the object of derision that support the accusations, actually stated or not, real or imagined. The accusation in this case is racism at most, but racial insensitivity at a minimum. In pursuit of false truth, how can any justification be defined as out of bounds? Facts are non sequiturs to the true believer.

The outcome was exclusion of the detested conservative from a position where he might have a positive influence on matters. An even partial team owner will mix with personnel of all levels and positions. Interaction would run the risk of exposing Rush as a normal human being, even bright, talented and interesting in his own right. That would lead to credibility for Limbaugh, which in turn would put media critics in a questionable light, leading to the dread possibility their opinions were wrong about Rush and conservatives in general. Can’t have that.

Better to keep him away altogether. So they had to murder him. Of course, in America we don’t crassly shoot people in the back of the head a’ la Chairman Mao for their political views – yet. Character assassination will substitute nicely, and it’s less messy.

The whole affair calls to mind a dream we once had, that one day all men and women would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. When that day comes we can all sing the words of the old hymn “Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty we are free at last!”

We won’t be free, or prosperous, or equal until we think and act as high as we aim.

Eddie Clements

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