Whaddaya Think??

By: Patti Bankson

Sometimes people experience defining moments that, if embraced and nurtured, change us; make us better.

America’s had many defining moments that have made us better… 9/11’s one. That day, and long after, we did what Americans do… with hearts touched, compassion flowed from us, as from a deep well; it literally moved us to act. We searched, we served, we comforted, we shared… everything, with everyone. Yet, after all that happened in NYC… after more searching, serving, comforting and sharing in “Nawlins” after Katrina… once again, after the Indonesian tsunami(s)… then again, and again… in various places, sometimes our own neighborhoods… helping to find lost children, identifying and putting away “bad guys”… after 8-years, and all that, some seem to suffer amnesia, and say that we owe the world an apology… we should be ashamed.

Ashamed? For what? For having ancestors with Dreams who sought the Freedom to pursue them? Because they were willing to struggle across the continent, live in mud shanties, endure bitter winters, and scorching summers of drought, for them? For their having the audacious faith to drop precious seeds into rows scratched into dustbowl ground, and for praying those seeds would miraculously grow into an abundant food crop? Or for unashamedly thanking God while they reaped what they’d sown? Or for putting aside just what their own families needed, then sharing the rest with their not-so-fortunate neighbors? Not because Government mandated, but simply because they cared. All while laying the foundations of our great country. Isn’t that “shameful”!

No! Here’s shameful… our leaders… including our own President… making-nice with dictators, while finding “50-Ways to Apologize” for America… and, oh, yeah… managing to have enough spit left to lick the boots of the likes of Ahmadinejad. Guess they aren’t aware that his country’s people are marching the streets for what we have here. At their peril, I might add. Whatever! Our leaders still think the world hates us”.

Nuh-uh! Here’s just one rebuttal: Grenada. Remember? American troops fought there… we “invaded” and “occupied”, so they hated us, right? WRONG! Everywhere my husband and I went when we were there… in the city… in isolated mountain areas… people offered huge smiles, warm handshakes and hugs. They told us how they’d cheered and cried tears of relief when they saw our helicopters coming. They kept saying, “Thank you! Thank you for what you did for us! We love President Reagan… we love Americans!” Their words were repeated in the endless graffiti that adorned practically every building and every wall.

So! Is Grenada what our leaders think “hate” looks like? Or does “hate” look like our President, bad-mouthing everything that’s gone into making us the great country, and people, we are? I know what I think… how about you?

And here’s another thought… why not take our money the government’s so eager and happy to spend, and earmark it (something else they love!) to give America-haters one-way tickets to a socialist/communist dictatorship of their choice… let them put their Constitutional Freedoms they don’t seem to appreciate where their ignorant ideologies seem to want them to go. After they recover from their culture shock, they may want to come back… that’s fine, but they should have to earn $$ for their return ticket. In a non-capitalistic economy? Could take awhile.

Whaddaya think?

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