Obama Isn’t Showing Us The Dead Mule

By: Ken Hughes

It’s possible for a person to be a poor speaker and a master of communication / manipulation, it’s the one skill all tyrants have in common. There’s an old country adage “If you want to sell someone a dead mule don’t let them see the mule.” With the assist of a liberal congress that about sums up all of Obama’s promises and policies. If a single idea can be hidden in a thousand or more pages of legislation and a thousand more meaningless words chances are no one will see the dead mule.

Just a warning to President Obama and congress, you can be replaced and you will be if you continue to attack the American economy with your stupid edicts such as convoluted health care and cap and trade bills that in the long run will be meaningless and destructive. Planning for America’s future without regard for Americas past is a foolish endeavor. Obama can’t come to town riding a white camel and expect everyone to bow to his wishes without question. Americans have a tolerance for arrogance not for stupidity. The question is continually ask, Obama’s wasted nearly two trillion tax payer dollars and what’s it accomplished, nothing. When the public spends money on something they expect it to work from the get-go and not have to wait a year or two for it to become operative.

The entire Obama presidency is base on words and not productivity. Even his Nobel Prize was given for what he may someday accomplish, not for anything he’s done. Obama’s entire life is a fabrication of what he intends to accomplish when he gets around to it. That is if he can tear himself away from the mirrors he’s constantly admiring his own image in, it’s difficult to recall a president as vane and self-aggrandized as Barack Obama.

Only in Middle Eastern countries do Kings ride around on white Camels with the masses bowing and paying homage to them as they pass by. That may work in Obama’s Whitehouse but across Pennsylvania Avenue out into the public domain it doesn’t fly. Obama is still just one more American lucky enough to have a job. Obama is missing a major point in national politics, politicians are elected not ordained, coordinated or given title by right of birth. Politicians are elected to office by the will of the people and can be rejected from being reelected by those same people. Unless Obama intends, Turning this country into another Cuba, Venezuela or Honduras with a president for life, he has at best three more years and at its worst seven more years as president.

Perhaps it’s unfair to attribute all of the blunders of the current administration on one man, Obama can be held accountable for being the leader of the gang that’s raping America but he must have accomplices to pull it off. No one man especially Obama is smart enough to come up with all the things wrong his administration is trying to pull off. There’s an old adage about biting the hand that feeds you, maybe this is what Obama is doing, he was / is a welfare child abandoned by both parent left to live with his grandparents supported by the state welfare system. People are often resentful of those they are beholding to, Obama would be no exception. Maybe this is Obama’s way of getting even for not being made to feel equal in his youth? Whatever his motivation it’s too heavy a price to lay on three hundred million innocent American citizens.

Voters can blame Obama for the current disaster that’s befallen America but how much of it comes back on the public? Obama made no secret of his intentions, voters are accustomed to un-kept political promises and relied on the system to protect them from any extravagances an Obama administration may come up with. The public never anticipated the majority of the legislative branch would fall under control of the people’s number one enemy, [Liberalism.] There’s only so much blame the Obama administration can lay on the Bush presidency, all new administration inherited faltering economies its part of the changing of the guard. Team Obama has taken a wavering economy and turned it into a full-fledged disaster. It’s been suggested it was always Obama’s intention to bring America to its knees in order to establish a socialist government [sans] a constitution. I’ll leave that question for those who thrive on conspiracies to determine.

Obama is far from a man of action, when it comes time for the rubber to hit the road he’s a coward. There’s a vast difference between tough talk and tough action, Obama never seems to get beyond the talking stage. Obama seems to be one of those when the going gets tough he hits the road in the other direction [ergo Obama is a certified coward.]

Obama’s lost creditability with the majority of the American people who count [i.e. voters.] Each time something Obama goes down in flames he finds someone to blame. I recall at one point he took on Rush Limbaugh, it took less than a week for Rabbit Obama to find a hole to hide in. Now he’s mistakenly taken on Fox Cable News the number one watched news channel in this country the only place where news is fair, balanced and unbiased. Obama and his supporters don’t get it all they have are fabricated talking points while the rest of America has facts provided by Fox and Talk Radio backing them up. Talk Radio is not the villain the villains are those talk radio exposes. Obama and his cohorts think conservatism is some kind of fringe ideology practiced by a few right wing nuts. Conservatism is a sound political ideology that guarantees man his / her freedom from the evils of liberalism. Obama’s failure is believing his own propaganda.

One of the most sacred things about America is its imperfections. We are a nation built on the everyday activities of the common man, American’s don’t need a bureaucracy to lay out their daily routines in order they don’t error somewhere along the line. It’s those errors that have made America [until now] the strongest most admired nation on earth. From those errors as a nation Americans have learned and grown, perfection especially self-acclaimed and self-promoted leaves a lot to be desired. Intellectualism is greatly overrated and yes even over worshiped in some circles.

America is at a cross roads, we can strip congress of liberals and return to a free conservative republic or we can allow congress and this president to create a new Banana Republic and we become subjects of the rest of the worlds super powers to determine our futures. Our last chance for freedom is coming in November 2010. Let’s not waste this opportunity with ambivalence to the many threats Obama’s liberalism brings this nation.

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