Where is the Fight?

By: Guest Authors

By Joseph Harris

Pacifism rules! Where is the will to fight that which is wrong, sinful and ungodly? What has happened to the fight in the average American? The “rollover and play dead” philosophy abounds, therefore iniquity abounds. The family, church and this nation are under a severe attack by unseen and seen forces and yet we are told to accommodate, open a dialogue, tolerate and understand and accept the enemy. When the average Christian or patriotic American does go on the defensive, they are accused of having no love. Billy Sunday, famous evangelist of yesteryear used to say “I love flowers, but I hate weeds.”

Where is the fight against abortion, homosexuality, pornography, pedophilia, and alcohol? Where is the fight for God to remain in the public square, for public prayers at state sponsored events, and where is the fight against ungodly humanism manifested in evolutionary teaching and philosophy? What happened to the fight for Godliness in the church, striving for purity among the membership, establishing standards of dress and conduct that are decent and God honoring?

Concerning this nation, why have the borders not been sealed and a wall built to keep out the invaders? Immigration and naturalization laws mean nothing. Why are lawbreakers allowed to remain in this country and not be deported back to Mexico or their homeland? Liberal politicians, including the past three Administrations, have been leading the way for the downfall of truth, justice and the American way, at a breakneck speed. “Americo” is in the making and the powers that be who could do something are not just asleep at the wheel………they are in a coma. The House and Senate both need purging by “We the People” if it’s not already too late. The Jimmy Carter philosophy of cut and run has prevailed. Where is the will to fight for our vanishing liberties as they are challenged by the ACLU and other “freedom loving” entities?

Concerning the church, where are the pastors who used to follow the admonition of Isaiah 58:1 “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” Oh, that was in the Old Testament. Today in the church age, we follow the New Testament, some will say. Does a New Testament pastor have any less responsibility of warning against the danger of sin as an Old Testament prophet? Use a little common sense and decide. A rattlesnake in the path is a danger to anyone approaching it and whoever does not warn of imminent danger is guilty of neglect, which is criminal. Adultery, drunkeness, homosexuality and other sins can be found alive and well in the average church today. Pastors and parents have chosen the path of least resistance and have sacrificed the future of the church to Satan on the altar of accommodation and tolerance. Preaching the Gospel includes preaching the Bible which includes the bitter and the sweet of the two edged sword. Being instant in season and out of season means some teaching will be in season with the people and sweet to accept. Other teachings will be out of season, but like a bitter medicine, will produce healing and that which is good. So preacher, preach the word!

Concerning the home, most parents have delegated the instruction of their children totally to the government schools and their churches. Home education and good Christian schools are available for readin’ writin’ and ‘rithmatic, taught from a Biblical world view. Primary instruction in Scripture should come from the home, then be strengthened by the church. Don’t give up and give in to the world’s philosophy that will indoctrinate children in anti-God thinking. Where is the fight for the minds and souls of today’s children?

My stepfather once made a statement after hearing a young preacher’s sermon: “He’s got some preach in him.” Preachers need “preach” in them, but all Christians need some fight in them. It’s high time we got a dose of reality and realized the seriousness of the hour and the importance of standing for right against wrong. After all, things are still either right or wrong.

Joseph Harris is the Vice President of Southeastern Baptist College in Laurel, MS. www.miniedition.net

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