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October 31, 2009

Deliberate Liberal Swindle

Filed under: Politics In General - 31 Oct 2009

By: William P. Frasca

This is amazing! Obviously some disgruntle individuals, who love to degrade and humiliate America, usually referring to the Liberal Socialist Democrats, have way too much time on their hands.

VIDEO: Shots Fired at home of Lou Dobbs

Filed under: In The News - 31 Oct 2009

Friends of ALIPAC,

We have just learned that someone has fired a gun at the home of Lou Dobbs, with his wife just a few feet away from the incident. The gunfire followed a series of threatening phone calls.

USCCB Partners an Effort to Investigate Rush Limbaugh’s “Hate Speech”

In an important article for the American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord describes the effort of “So We Might See” — “a national inter-faith coalition for media justice,” according to its Web site — to force a Federal Communications Commission …

Make The RINOs Choose Sides

Filed under: J.J. Jackson's Opinion,The Republicans - 31 Oct 2009

The Republican Party has been infested with RINOs – Republicans In Name Only – for more years than most can count. No one can remember when the first RINO appeared but we know what has happened since that first …

Clues for the Clueless’s Matt Cover tried in vain to get a rational answer from Patrick Leahy (D-VT) about forcing every American to buy health insurance..