Deliberate Liberal Swindle

By: Guest Authors

By: William P. Frasca

This is amazing! Obviously some disgruntle individuals, who love to degrade and humiliate America, usually referring to the Liberal Socialist Democrats, have way too much time on their hands. The average Independent, Conservative, Liberation or moderate American must have thought they heard and saw almost every idiotic demand and freedom eliminating regressive procedures submitted by these Marxist authoritarians. The final analysis confirms that they are definitely living in an arrogant world of hypocrisy.

This association of narrow mindedness requires all to genuflect before them, by unconditionally surrendering our morals and decency. The “Left” is constantly dreaming of nightmarish fantasies of unorthodox Constitutional interpretations that are subsequently initiated on destroying our national, religious and patriotic pride. These procedures are enhanced by shock, intimation and guilt, such as accusing any counter questionability as being prejudice or racist.

For instance, the constant aggressive offensive attacks, on The Pledge of Allegiance are actually a well rehearsed plan of playground bullying. Out of their own mouths they sing the same chorus in unison of sacrilege to the flag, escalating doom, gloom and blaming America first. They constantly deny there is a Supreme Being and forcing this reprehensible belief upon us all. These tactics are enacted to increase the vulnerability of anyone opposing their self imposed dictatorship and dubious agenda.

Is this just another form of paranoia? Do you think that this is overly exaggerated with made up obsessive imaginary fantasies? On the contrary, every time America underestimates the preposterous “Left”, and thinking that some of their actions and reactions are so terribly ridiculous, that it must be a sick laughable joke, it happens, another bite is taken out of freedoms.

Did you ever think that the United States Federal Government would ever attempt to control any or all aspects of the internet? Well please reevaluate your thinking and wake up from your delusional environment of public trust. The FCC has already stated that the internet should be government regulated. Let’s read between the lines, they actually believe and are obsessed beyond any doubt to regulate everything, everything.

The Socialist Democrats, lead by our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one” won’t stop until they control all forms of communications. They already have a choke hold on the main stream media. This arrogant Administration has absolutely no respect for our first amendment Constitutional rights, with evidence of their past attempts of inflicting limitations. Their egotistical supremacy of conceit and self importance places an imaginary facade on their efficiency to operate any private service more efficiently. So why would anyone have any high expectations of trust and confidences in their sincerity? They already tried to stymie the freedom of the Press. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Let’s hope and pray we don’t get burnt because of our complacency.

Certain liberal organizations are demanding a new level of advocacy, requiring that each school age child be given in a form of a Miranda Warning notifying them of their option to participate or remain silent in saying “The Pledge of Allegiance”. This counseling must be indoctrinated into the school manual. All teachers and instructors would then be required to inform each and every student of their rights before reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Envision this, reading and explaining this obstinate rule or law, if passed, to a young adolescent child, or obtaining written permission from their parents.

This is totally absurd, not only because our young American citizens are learning at an early age that our symbol of freedom is nothing more than a colorful piece of cloth with no significant substantial meaning, but also disrespecting it is totally acceptable. They are so wrapped up in condemning our precious Flag that they’re forgetting the rapid destruction of our public school educational system.

They are ignoring the fact that our public schools are creating an atmosphere of educational decay with forced degenerate liberal persuasions. They’re ignoring the fact that our children are not only inept in American History, but are taught lies, innuendoes and distortions of the facts, together with deficiencies in the basic courses of reading, writing, and adding two plus two. They’re ignoring the fact that our children’s schools are high profile immoral war zones full of gangs, drugs, and violence. Our children should be highly protected and defended, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Instead of subjecting them to a cruel, sadistic everyday stress of a failed system full of unmonitored school boards, loony policies, liberal, irrational administrators and educators in a chaotic, disastrous world of modern education. They eliminated prayer, but justified and forced school children to sing and chant praises of our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one”. When the parents protested they were called prejudice and racist. What a disgrace! The voices of the American people must never be stymied or silenced. Never stop speaking up and questioning authority.

Our Flag of the United States of American represents honor, glory, courage, sacrifice liberty, and freedom. It was protected and defended, past and present by the blood and lives our brave unselfish men and women serving in each and every branch of the military, including all government agents and civilian personnel stationed at home or abroad. It represents a tremendous magnificent history of greatness. The Pledge of Allegiance should be spoken with complete reverence, respect, magnitude and pride. It is a privilege that should never be taken for granted or unjustly removed by any egotistical entities.

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