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November 30, 2009

Farewell, Oprah: How About a Gift to Black America Before you Go?

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General - 30 Nov 2009

I have a history with Oprah Winfrey. Back in the eighties, Oprah and I worked at WJZ-TV, an ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore. Oprah was co-host with Richard Sher of the local morning talk show, “People Are Talking”. I …

How Can We Continue to be Safe?

by Elizabeth Marion

Since the terrorist attack on our soldiers at Fort Hood, the American people have seen an abundance of political correctness and a severe lack of backbone from this administration. That’s not exactly …

Van Rompuy, Obama – Is it Change or Chains

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 30 Nov 2009

The EU has confirmed Herman Van Rompuy as the first permanent President of the emerging United States of Europe. He has clearly stated that the first order of business for the EU will be to solidify the economy and answer …

ACORN: We know it’s a Criminal Enterprise! But Pay Them Anyway?

Charlie Savage, writing for the New York Times in his 28 November 2009 report entitled: “Justice Department Says Acorn Can Be Paid for Pre-Ban Contracts wrote: “Since 1994, Acorn, which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, …

November 29, 2009

Sarah Palin: Should We Make Rogue Vogue?

Filed under: Politics In General - 29 Nov 2009

Sarah Palin is back in the public spot light with her new bestselling book, Going Rogue. At the moment, on just about every television channel, one can view the very photogenic Palin being quizzed about her new book and her …

Bureaucrats With Badges

Filed under: Featured Conservative,What The F@#K?!? - 29 Nov 2009

By Mark Hyman

Montana’s Conrad Burns tells a sad, but revealing story about government bureaucrats and their rules. Shortly after the Transportation Security Administration assumed control of airport security and Burns was still serving in Congress he was at Washington’s …

November 28, 2009

OBAMAZILLA is America’s True Nemesis, Not Fellow Patriots.

Filed under: Politics In General - 28 Nov 2009

Eleven months ago, he landed on the shores of America destroying everything in his path. A gigantic fire breathing monster reeking havoc, consuming private sector industries, crushing institutions which have made America great and destroying lives. With fear and trembling …

The Manhattan Declaration – To Every Thing there is a Season

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 28 Nov 2009

News shows across America showed clips of American Idol star Adam Lambert’s overt sexual behavior at the recent American Music Awards. Almost all the clips were preceded with advisories and warnings. When discussed it was a single comment made on …

Read Between The Lines

Filed under: In The News - 28 Nov 2009

The most illogical, unsupported documentation of unorthodox information distributed recently could possibly be one of the most insensitive adverse contemptible advices offered, concerning the early detection, of preventive care, associated with the health and well being of all women.

Politically Correct Stupidity!

It has been shown recently that the Fort Hood Islamic Radical terrorist who killed 13 and wounded another 30 or so innocent Americans was a lover of Islam. He had spoken fondly of beheadings and had active correspondence with Yemeni …

November 27, 2009

So Sioux Me

By: Mark Hyman

A North Dakota judge will hear arguments next month in a case of political correctness that has embroiled the state university for a number of years.

America the Oligarchy

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Politics In General - 27 Nov 2009

We’ve seen, over the course of many years, our elected leaders display nothing but contempt for the constitution, the ideals of republicanism, and the people of this country. It’s not a partisan thing. Both parties are guilty.

November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Revival

Filed under: Politically Incorrect Reality - 26 Nov 2009

This past year has been a tough one for many, if not most, Americans. While fighting two fronts in the war on terrorism, we’ve had to contend with economic turmoil, soaring unemployment, political division and a growing sense that America’s …

Being a Christian is Really Tough!

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 26 Nov 2009

God is really tough on his children. Jesus laid down some explicit instructions on turning cheeks and forgiving wrongs. The count is so high, you forget how many times you’ve forgiven someone and you have to start all over again …

Things I’ll Never Get Over

Sometimes when the two dogs in our household are out in the backyard “stalking” something, it’s hard to get them to “come”. I can call, “Here, Chico. Here, Gwinny”, ‘til the cows come home, and I’m lucky if they even …

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