Immaturity Part Two

By: Eddie Clements

J.J.’s column “I Am an Idiot Because…” included reader e-mails describing the Left’s perception of conservative thinking. I say “perception” advisedly; the e-mails he documents bear little resemblance to original thought. They are more like the regurgitations of churlish sycophants. But maybe they can’t help it, perhaps that is the best they can do given the all-too-human tendency to let others think for us.

Writings of liberal/progressive/fascists reflect political talking points they have heard, especially those of Marx. Philosophy by rote memory is a poor device for progress. No synthesis exists between what they’ve heard and the positive results of the economy they can see around them. Leftists think conservatives are mind-numbed robots, an expression heard time and again. Observation reveals most, though not all, conservatives are quite enlightened, independent, and imaginative. The same applies to e-mail commentary on conservative websites, news articles, etc.

We should assert here there are sincere liberals who simply think a little differently than conservatives and have worthwhile contributions to make, as opposed to the “idiot” e-mailers described above. To the rest, it would be too easy to say “You are the mind-numbed robots, not us!” That’s the playground retort; we strive for a more contemplative argument here.

Or perhaps the “idiot” respondents are the people that even bother to reply to anything written on conservative blog sites. I wonder if those e-mails would read differently, or how differently, if issued by more erudite respondents.

Like maybe, Joe Klein? By chance, just before perusing J.J.’s article a Joe Klein bit featured in “Swampland” in Time magazine online (and possibly print; I don’t know) was highlighted by Hot Air dotcom, 10/23/09. Supporting the administration’s attack on Fox News, Klein said:

“Let me be precise here: Fox News peddles a fair amount of hateful crap. Some of it borders on sedition. Much of it is flat out untrue….

If the problem is that stories bloated far beyond their actual importance–ACORN’s corruption, Van Jones’s radical past–are in danger of leaching out of the Fox hothouse into the general media, then perhaps the Administration should be a bit more diligent about whom it hires and whom it funds.

If the problem is broader–that Fox News spreads seditious lies to its demographic sliver of an audience–the Administration should probably be stoic: the wingnuts will always be with us. The best antidote to their garbage is elegant, intelligent governance…..
The Administration has tried to pursue a sophisticated, difficult domestic and foreign policy. It doesn’t offer the quick-fix irresponsibility of a tax cut or an invasion. It needs space, time and patience to explain.”

Klein’s article seems to typify the current far-leftism of the administration and their media fellow-travelers. Rather than supplying examples of “hateful crap” and “seditious lies”, and comparing and contrasting that with MSNBC’s Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman, he just shotgun-blasts accusations. There is little doubt Glenn Beck reaches more people among his “demographic sliver of an audience” than Joe Klein in all America.

Like most internet columns this one was followed by comments. They sounded slightly more thoughtful but had an amazingly similar flavor to the “idiot” e-mails. A favorite was referring to Fox News as “Faux News”, a predictable assignation. You would think readers would keep their comments succinct and considerate, while avoiding the easy and obvious, but…that is pretty much all they have. They agree with Mr. Klein without considering his words.

What the Left has, in abundance, is immaturity, starting at the top. My last essay went to Obama’s statist philosophy and how it lends itself to programmatic response, and absence of deviation. Despotism has only one philosophy existing in the one political space, like matter and time in only one physical space. Leaders must always appear to be on the right track. Setbacks can be unavoidable, but the leader must be separated from them – like Obama from Van Jones being Maoist Red.

Duped by Russia and Iran into abandoning friends is an obvious failure of foreign policy, as are vastly unpopular unconstitutional takings and asset redistributions failures of domestic policy. Recognizing these as failures is unallowable, so they must both be characterized as “sophisticated, difficult domestic and foreign policy” requiring “space, time and patience to explain.” Like a school kid who is losing an argument saying, “You just don’t understand!”

Contrary opinions, on the other hand, are personal affronts to the state or the leader, never attributable to honest differences or analysis. Uncooperative media critics must then be from “the wingnuts”. And if stories are “bloated far beyond their actual importance”, why was Jones resignation or Congress’ move to deny ACORN funding necessary?

One suspects attacks on Fox replace charges of racism, which hasn’t worked. The whole thing is reminiscent of the demand to “shut up” on the schoolyard, directed at one who offers effective alternative argument. That points to the immaturity of the administration and their tactics.

The prevailing Leftist/progressive/fascist propaganda holds fast to the Marxist notion that produce of some must be shared equally by all, an affront to sanity. Thought arriving at such notions is a by-product of the leisure time offered by the benefits of civilization, which is the history of uneven, flawed, but “elegant, intelligent governance” Klein refers to in a different context.
But wealth IS shared. When Henry Ford developed the assembly line, he and the Ford family may have benefitted in outsize proportion to most of their customers, but look at the results: affordable personal transportation that is a quantum improvement over its forerunner, the horse and buggy. Same with electricity, refrigeration, airplanes…COMPUTERS!

The “idiot” e-mailers regurgitate the Marxist lines repeated to them through their school years, and from Hollywood, and demagogues, and opportunists. Liberals don’t begrudge actors their millions, because they make movies that entertain the proletarian masses. Again, the wealth is shared, if you like art.

The above seem to be examples of the “double-think” capacity of the Left. They hold conflicting beliefs but are not logically accountable for the conflict. Easy to pull off when all that is required is to ignore it. Perhaps Yoda said it best, in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker asks if the Dark Side of the Force is more powerful. Yoda replied no, that it just easier, more seductive. That’s the way of the Left.

We are led to conclude the basic difference between the easily seductive and immature Leftist thought and ideology on the Right is how each views the human condition. The Left sees humans as flawed, but able to achieve perfection on Earth through their own efforts; they want what should be. The Right sees humans as flawed, but take them as they are and struggle to do the best they can; the Right deals with what is.

However, the Left ignores at their intellectual peril that reward for extra effort is as old as tribal humanity, old as hunting animals for food. The ones that make the kill share the tenderloin, a choice cut offering greater nutritional benefit, in turn leading to greater health and strength for the next hunt. If shared equally, each tribe member might receive insignificant benefits due to the limitation in size of the resource.

Rewards for extra effort lead to incentive to make the next kill. It could provide that extra running endurance to close within weapon range, a touch more adrenalin to make the spear fly truer, resulting in a successful hunt. The difference may mean survival for the whole tribe. The hunt will never be perfect. It is enough if it is just effective. Reward improves effectiveness.
Thus was economics born long ago, and remains today. The Left world requires illusion, delusion, and deception as their operational guides. The Right requires only acceptance of reality, and facing a social and physical world with challenges a-plenty, without inventing more. The former defines immaturity, while the latter requires wisdom, a mark of maturity.

Eddie Clements

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