Obama Finally Sheds Co-President Status

By: Neil Braithwaite

Until his speech at a DNC fundraiser in San Francisco on October 15, President Obama seemed content to share the Presidency with George W. Bush on everything from the economy to the war on terror. It was completely understandable that the young and inexperienced President would need someone to lean on until he was ready to go it alone. And lean he did. Using the phrase, “I inherited (fill in the blank),” has always been Obama’s subliminal code to America for; I’m just the co-President, so don’t blame me. So when President Obama put both hands on the mop at that DNC fundraiser, all of America took a collective deep breath and wondered if this young President was truly ready to toss away his crutch and finally walk on his own two feet?

If he was serious about going it alone, President Obama deserves high marks for courage and valor for his acceptance of full possession of the office of President in the midst of such trying times. After all, any ordinary President in his situation would continue to cower and bemoan his circumstances while passing the blame on to his predecessor, but not Barack Obama. No sir! He’s no ordinary President. His precision timing and unmatched political ability transcend the ordinary.

In less than ten short months in office, President Obama has put the world on notice that “W” is out, and he is in — all in! No more, “I inherited this,” nonsense from our new Commander in Chief. Welcome to Obam-erica, where President Obama wants everyone to know that his firm grip on the mop of responsibility signifies his official ownership of all things American — and socialist.

In nothing short of a miraculous effort, America’s fledgling President has bought and paid for, (with taxpayer, borrowed, and printed money of course), the right of ownership and responsibility for such things as: the economy, the recession, the complete War on Terror, (including; Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan), Wall Street, every bank and financial institution, the auto industry, housing and foreclosures, global warming, energy, renewable energy, the environment, Guantanamo and all detainees, the FBI, CIA, ATF and State Department, Homeland Security, US Military, Immigration, border security, drug interdiction, all foreign policy, the debt and deficit, health care, education, the Stimulus Bill, the Omnibus Bill, TARP, job creation, unemployment, every state in the Union, and last but not least, any and all new legislation and taxes needed to continue to pay for it.

And so, by the power bestowed upon him, by himself, Barack Obama hereby declares himself sole President and that a new prefix be forever attached to each and every one of his new possessions, (i.e., The “Obama” economy, the “Obama” war in Iraq, the “Obama” recession, the “Obama” auto industry, the “Obama” deficit, etc.).

Congratulations, Mr. President — it’s about time. But remember this: If after spending trillions of taxpayer dollars and putting your micromanaging socialist fingers into every aspect of our republic, you are bold enough to expect all the credit when the good times return, then you better have the courage to accept all the responsibility if they don’t — starting now!

Neil Braithwaite is a Real Estate Broker and writer in Charlotte, NC. He writes political commentary and satire and is a regular contributor to PoliticalDerby.com.

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