Obamacare is Bad Medicine

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s so simple that a six year old should be able to understand it, you can’t spend over a trillion dollars and expect to lower your debt, a first grader can figure this simple principle out. If you spend a lot of money you won’t have much money left. Easy enough for a grade-schooler, but too difficult for Congress?

The House Healthcare bill comes in with a price tag of 1.2 trillion dollars. That’s the low estimate. As with all things the government promises the actual cost will be much higher when it is all said in done. Don’t believe me? In 1913 a constitutional amendment was passed that allowed the federal government to collect income taxes. It was passed by Democrats who unanimously swore that the tax would be small and only applicable to the wealthiest of Americans. It was, they promised, a millionaires tax. Nothing the average Joe had to worry about. Nearly a century later the income tax encompasses nearly everyone(it’s certainly not a millionaires tax), is expensive, and hopelessly entrenched. New government bureauacracies had to be created to collect the tax, and what was small, cheap, and easy to deal with is now big, expensive, and impossible to understand.

If you think that health care won’t end up the same way you’re deluding yourself. In the end, if this bill passes, we’ll be lucky if we’re only paying 1.2 trillion dollars. New government bureaucracies will have to be created, employees hired, taxes raised to pay for them, and we all know how efficient government employees are. Mountains of paperwork for simple procedures, incredibly long waiting lists for medicines and operations(if they decide to give them to you at all) and higher mortality rates to go with it all. It’s a fact: Socialism kills. Look at the UK and Canada, they die from cancer at a much higher rate than Americans do, because the American health care system, despite the flaws it has, allows for quick diagnosis and treatment, where the socialized medicine of the world doesn’t.

We all know that the costs of socialized medicine are higher and that the government interests in such programs make sure that they stay in place forever, even moderate reforms are nearly impossible. The government, with its constant desire to expand its power, wants to take over health care because it will make the people entirely dependent on the state for something as vital as medical care. The people, convinced the socialized medicine is an entitlement they deserve, or a service they can’t live without, defend the very system that prevents real medical care. The government interests, and the fear of the people, make sure the socialized medicine is here to stay. Just look at social security or medicare, if you don’t think that’s true.

The people demand more and more services, and the state- ever willing to oblige a request that will allow them to get bigger and assume more power- gives the people what they want. That’s how it’s worked everywhere else. Here in America, the people know what they want, and they don’t want socialized medicine. The polls are all consistent the the people prefer their existing medical coverage to the plans being put out by the Democrats.

The American people are right to be skeptical, and the Republicans are right to say no to President Obama’s health care plan. The Democrats, if they get their way, will take over 1/6 of the American economy, deprive the American people of many liberties(Rush Limbaugh is absolutely right on that) and will make sure that government run health care is so entrenched that even if the GOP defeats President Obama in 2012 that they will not be able to repeal it. It’s no coincidence that the health care plan won’t kick in until 2013, when President Obama is safely reelected.

Saying no is the right thing to do, but not the only thing to do. The Republicans should not waste any time in offering a plan of their own. A plan that simplifies, offers more freedoms, and lowers costs, should be the Republican goal. It’s time to deregulate the health insurance industry. The American people are trusted to buy home, fire, flood, life, and auto insurance on their own. They do this in an open competitive market. We’ve seen the commercials for auto insurers asking customers to switch to them, telling us how much we will save if we do. You can buy any other type of insurance across state lines, why not health insurance?

It’s time to let the free market take over the health care market. Americans aren’t children who need to have decisions made for them by politicians, and bureaucrats in Washington D.C. that they’ve never met. If a person is smart enough to buy their own car insurance or life insurance, why not let the same principle apply to health insurance? It’s a decision that the American people can handle, and sure beats having the government spend 1.2 trillion dollars setting up a federally run monster that will devour far more.

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