Two Party Fiasco

By: William P. Frasca

The average politician is constantly running for re-election as soon as they take their oath of office. This relentless torture leading up the to Federal and Local General Elections forces a tedious mystifying preparation of self indulging arrogance, which torments the bewildered populous into an escalated retreat of voter indifference.

My own personal defenses are a new pair of boots, earplugs, and a shovel, preparing myself for the verbal, visual, and written tsunami of lies, conceit and self love of the two major candidates. The loser always has a very promising future playing at the Philharmonic, using their remarkable distinctive talents and expertise, of blowing their own golden horn.

Unfortunately, we have in the United States, a structure, dominated by two non-productive political parties. We must welcome with open arms alternatives such as the Conservatives, Libertarians and Independent candidates, to broaden our horizons. We must reach out and entice qualified intelligential talented, gifted and brilliant individuals, into public office leadership roles instead of the prescribed back room politics, or millionaire syndrome presently within our composition. Our choices for guidance and direction have diminished, to self love, party loyalty and favoritism. Competitions will always end regression and stagnation, which in turn produces ultimate success. Right now, we the people have no voice. This must change dramatically for our free Capitalistic survival. How did we allow this to happen? What happened to America?

It’s our own fault, which was evident in these past Presidential elections. Voter apathy does exist, it’s alive and well. The Republicans and Conservatives for the most part stayed home, holding a grudge, with the Liberal Socialist Democrats consolidating their base, hypnotized the youth, played the race card and endorsed voter fraud. Some are too wrapped up in their own little worlds, ignoring the government that’s manipulating their own destiny. We allow ourselves to be subservient, submitting to individuals, who are limiting our precious rights and freedoms and we do nothing but smile, kiss their ring and re-elect them or glorify the under achiever such as our President, Barrack Hussein Obama. “the chosen one”.
Even though the two party system is proving itself to be a failure in attracting capable, honest individuals into government service. It unfortunately continues to exist, which disgracefully ignores and silences the voices of the people, in the name of political self preservation, party loyalty, corruption and greed. We have even regressed further into the belly of the beast, by having a one party rule, eliminating the essential checks and balances initially established by our intelligent forefathers. This is an abomination. There must always be an ever watchful entity of astute perception, to generate a government of acceptance instead of intolerable arrogance.

When the Republicans had complete and ultimate power owning the Executive and Legislative branch, under President George W. Bush, they refused to deal with important and essential issues which were plaguing the American people, such as illegal immigration, and protecting and defending our boarders. They could have achieved so much, instead of being pathetic cowards to the criticisms of Liberal Socialist Democrats. Obviously not referring to the War on Terror or supporting our brave and courageous military, in which they were strong,, but with social programs. They voted down legislation on protecting our United States Flag from desecration, having English as our official language. They enacted Medicare Part D, National Prescription Plan. Couldn’t they have left this to the private sector without government intervention, who presently developed their own version of generic prescription distribution at a considerably low price and discount. They basically acted more like the Democratic Party, spending the taxpayer’s money like crazy while losing their Conservative morals and ideologies.

This left the door wide open for the American people committing the most enormous mistake this Country has ever known or produced, by supporting and electing the most Socialist Marxist Democratic Commander-In-Chief, our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, the chosen one, who is worse than Jimmy Carter, “the ineffectual one”.
Another example is the Congressional race in the New York’s 23rd Congressional District, where the back room Republican elite hand picked their candidate, even though she supported the Obama Administration’s stimulus program and welcomed the Socialist Democratic ideologies. She dropped out of the race and instead of supporting the Conservative candidate, she endorsed the Democratic challenger. Are there any differences between the two major parties? Is the Republican Party disavowing the Conservative Party? Where’s the loyalty? Where’s the morals? Where’s the convictions? Where’s the priorities? What are they thinking?

This fiasco inhibited increased Socialism, exorbitant National debt, self proclaimed dictatorship, laws limiting and reducing freedoms, birth to death escalated taxes, failed wide open corrupted government services, Officials, Czars and Legislators, humiliation, undocumented pay to play, high unemployment, private companies closing, diminished services, unacceptable quality of life issues. When will we stop this madness.

This reversal of power shift from the people to the government goes against all our established ideologies. The hard working American people, are being victimized by a Socialist Marxist environment of government control.

The American people should be sick and tired of constantly being told to redistribute their wealth to their blood sucking neighbors, who constantly takes and contributes nothing to society. They should be sick and tired of seeing welfare programs, paid by their tax dollars, given freely to illegal aliens, when justified legitimate citizens are harassed in seeking assistance. They should be sick and tired of a government dictating to them what they should eat and drink, what cars to purchase, how to raise your family, placing limits on your salary, socialized healthcare, punishing success, adding new restrictions on where and how to live, and then heavily taxed for the privilege. They should be sick and tired of an inept, incompetent government full of sarcastic corrupt thieves. They should be sick and tired of being called prejudiced, dimwitted, insensitive and racist from their elected representatives, who are suppose to be working for the them. They should be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Remember this and never forget, no matter how much they try, or how much you think they’ve changed, a leopard can never change its spots?

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