“Rules for Conservatives” Inspired by Doug Hoffman

By: Neil Braithwaite

When Dede Scozzafava outed herself, and all Republican moderates and RINO’s for what they truly are — Democrats, she unwittingly gave millions of frustrated conservatives, both outside and inside the Republican Party, an opening they have long been waiting for.

With the clear evidence of what transpired in New York Congressional District 23, coupled with crushing Democratic defeats in Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections, conservatives now have a “no apologies” opportunity to transform the Republican Party from being dysfunctional and ineffective, into a strong and unified Party with uncompromising conservative principles.

Doug Hoffman will be remembered as the person who inspired a conservative movement that took back the Republican Party. Three cheers for Doug Hoffman!

Let the Republican Party transformation begin with “Rules for Conservatives.”

The objective: Eliminate, once and for all, the biggest problem of the Republican Party –moderates and RINOS. They serve no purpose but to divide the party and water down the conservative agenda.

The Goal: Make the Republican Party the Party of the majority again — true conservative Americans.

The strategy: Run a true conservative candidate against every RINO and moderate Republican in 2010. (For all you blue-bloods, it’s not a bluff)

The leverage: The Republican Party can choose to run a true conservative candidate or take their chances against both a Democrat and Conservative Party candidate.

The obstacle: Spineless blue-blood elite Republicans who would rather compromise their principles, keep their country club buddies, and suck-up to the liberal media.

The myth: Getting rid of RINOS and moderates will collapse the “big-tent.” (It will however, make the liberal media cry — they need those moderates and RINOS for their Sunday shows)

The truth: Sixty percent of Americans see themselves as conservative, and that’s a pretty big tent. All are welcome.

The outcome: America is revived and thrives again!

Neil Braithwaite is a Real Estate Broker and writer in Charlotte, NC. He writes political commentary and satire and is a regular contributor to PoliticalDerby.com

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