Barneybob Squarefrank Admits He’s been a Moron His Entire Career

By: Michael John McCrae

We know that Barney Frank (Democrat) was a major player in the economic downfall of the United States. He forced lenders to give loans to families that could not afford to pay back those loans. Even though the mainstream media has given him a pass on his culpability; the blogosphere has addressed his lapse in ethics and his continued insistence that he did nothing wrong in covering up the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.

I believe Barney Frank has been a moron for his entire political career. He reaps high praise from fellow liberals; probably due to his abilities in getting away with his criminality and his duplicity. He also reaps the benefits of political correctness in that he is openly gay, and is therefore now insulated from anything that might be construed as “hate speech” toward his chosen perverted lifestyle. I believe he is greatly relieved that Lou Dobbs can now be shot at; having that not be considered “hate” while anyone who carries a bible and states the obvious displeasure of God against sexual perversion is just a hateful, evil person.

With Barney being so insulated now it is probably reasonable to assume that everyone will simply smile at his latest admission that he was at his sexual partner’s house in 2007 while police arrived to raid the residence. I saw the article link on Fox News’ website to with the title: “Barney Frank present during marijuana bust” and you can read the short article for yourself. But one thing stood out. Quote: “Congressman Frank tells FOX25 that he was surprised and disappointed with what police found. He also tells us that he wouldn’t recognize a marijuana plant if he saw one because he is, “not a great outdoorsman,” and, “wouldn’t recognize most plants.”

The reason this stood out for me is because Barney seems to be a master of excuse. Just as Fannie and Freddy were not the problem or fault of his ignorance; neither was his sexual partner’s proclivity to grow indoor marijuana; nor prior to that, his other sexual partner’s proclivity to run a male prostitute ring out of a Washington Apartment Frank owned. (You might want to refresh your memory there with a TIME article entitled: “A Skeleton in Barney’s Closet” by Margaret Carlson; Robert Ajemian/Boston and Hays Gorey/Washington). Barney just can’t seem to find a friend who doesn’t have criminal aspirations. It seems he is always in need of additional Teflon.

Barney is a “respected” member of Congress. He gets a lot of press and face time on the Sunday talk shows. Yes, being openly gay has its perks; especially if you are a congressman with a house chairmanship that’s worth a lot of money and power to the party of the Democrats. No one is digging into his call to reduce the American Military by 25 percent in the middle of two wars, a resurgence of Iranian and North Korean nuclear arms production and the recent articles on the massive military buildup of the Communist Chinese.

For anyone really paying attention Barney Frank is a disgrace. He has led the charge for the economic ruination of America and he is leading the charge to again make America relatively defenseless by cutting military spending. He pleaded ignorance when faced with apartment prostitution. He pleaded ignorance when his “partner’s” stash was discovered. He pleaded solvency; knowing Fannie and Freddy were on verge of bankruptcy. His one crowning achievement in legislation is pointed at the legalization of marijuana while he continues to ignore the monetary abuses of TARP funds. In short; I believe Barney Frank is a moron. I also believe anyone with a high opinion of Barney Frank probably requires a warm water enema.

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