Commander in Thief

By: Neil Braithwaite

After wall-to-wall media coverage of the terrorist attack at the Fort Hood Army Post in Texas, our Commander-in-Chief found it expedient to squeeze a few words about the devastating attack, on one of America’s prominent military bases, into his comments at a Tribal Nations Conference, hosted by the department of Interior’s Indian Bureau of Indian Affairs.

President Obama went from Commander-in-Chief to Commander-in-Thief in less than three minutes. That’s the amount of time President Obama spent in review of the Tribal Nations conference, thanking his administration for their hard work, thanking the attendees, pandering to Native Americans, and tossing a “shout-out” to one of his buddies.

It was only after President Obama finished with all the “business-at-hand,” did he finally mention the attack at Fort Hood. I have never felt more disgraced as a citizen, and son of a veteran, as I did when I watched President Obama’s statement.

Our new Commander-in-Thief saw fit to personally steal the dignity, honor, and respect of those honorable and brave soldiers of liberty, who proudly serve, defend, and give their lives to protect the United States of America.

President Obama needs to find a way to give back what he stole.

America awaits your apology Mr. President.

Neil Braithwaite is a Real Estate Broker and writer in Charlotte, NC. He writes political commentary and satire and is a regular contributor to

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