Morality! Who Cares?

By: Michael John McCrae

No. This is not so much about Democrats in Congress; although death panels and expansion of federal funding for abortions (as if 1.4 million innocent dead babies a year weren’t enough blood to satiate Nancy Pelosi) might qualify as a subtext.

This column is about the news over the past few days.

I should not read the news. It saddens me. The lack of morality being fostered on those of us who read the news has got to be the most depressing aspect of humanity. As much as I pray for my country’s safety it seems to matter little. I am convinced that there are more inhuman people in the world than those who care about life. Perhaps that isn’t true of America yet. But I see the way my government is beginning to look at dependency. Why not have death panels? Why not determine who can live and die based on their worth to government? If they can’t pay taxes anymore and are simply sucking up Social Security; why not just cut them off at the knees and redistribute those funds to welfare recipients who still can vote a democrat ticket?

Morality! Who cares?

It certainly isn’t Miss England who recently gave up her crown after a bar fight. I though “Miss” anything was supposed to be the epitome of mild manners and gentle knowledge. I thought “Miss” anything; having reached the pinnacle of beauty’s showcases, would be a role model for younger girls to aspire to. No. Not Miss England; who prefers a good bar brawl followed by a hasty resignation. (Read AP: “Miss England Relinquishes Crown After Bar Fight”)

Morality doesn’t get much play at Duke University either. Falsely accusing their Lacrosse team of rape didn’t seem to upset too many folks. They might have been too busy attending sex toy shows.

The Duke Catholic Center has had to lodge a complaint against a new study at Duke pointed at 18-year old girls and their preferences for sex toys. These girls get to attend sex toy parties similar to Tupperware parties and can score discounts for taking part in surveys concerning their sexual preferences. I kind of feel bad for all the moms and dads who sent their daughters to Duke’s new pit of perversion. (Read AP: “Sex Toy Study at Duke University Raises Some Eyebrows”)

It starts there. Role models fall to disrepute. Universities “study” the types of toys that will cause young woman to drop panties quickly while offering “discounts”.

The loss of morality brings the meaning of marriage vows to a new low in the story: “Florida Newlywed Allegedly Kills Bride, Kidnaps Friend” (AP) where a simple argument escalated into a killing. Of course our role models here are politicians too. How many campaign “vows” have been broken just in the first year of Obama’s Presidency? There are some people keeping track. I lost count at 120. But if our President, our politicians and the mainstream press cannot keep their constitutional vows; why should we expect any marriage, based in vows (religious or otherwise) to succeed?

When a 10-year old boy takes a shotgun to his daddy’s head you might admit morality has sadly lost its battle for hearts and minds. The AP article: “10-Year-Old Boy Tells 911 Operator He Shot Dad Out of Anger” is a sad tale of neglect; causing a child just 10-years old to act out in a severe case of anger.

Children that young are supposed to be in Cub Scouts, or playing youth sports, or reading books. Adult neglect results in anger and death; many times to the children; sometimes to the adult. But this is even more sadly, just the tip of one iceberg.

Another recent AP article: “California Dad Accused of Killing Baby Daughter, Driving Cross-Country With Body in Trash” is an ugly tale of an unmarried couple who destroyed the lives of two of their children. Morality is not only kicked in the gut in this story, but the gravediggers are finding a perfect plot of ground, far away in a lost desert to give morality its eternal rest.

So it may be fortunate that the fellow who shot five people in Orlando, Florida is behind bars. He merely lost his job and decided to blame others for his loss. (Read AP: “Florida Shooting Suspect in Police Custody”) It is fortunate too that the fellow who buried 10 bodies on his Cleveland, Ohio property was finally found to have continued where he left off after being paroled from prison. Witnesses said he was seen several days dragging trash bags down the street and that the dumpster behind his property reeked until the city dumped it out. How many bodies will never be found?

At least that murdering rapist was polite. From an article entitled: “4th Victim Identified in Ohio Sex Offender Case”. “Nobody could imagine that this man was capable of doing what he was doing,” said Fawcett Bess, owner of Bess Chicken & Pizza, a restaurant across the street from Sowell’s house. “He always showed respect to you — ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening’ and that kind of thing.”

That just leaves the Army psychiatrist who murdered twelve people and wounded thirty others in this week’s loss of morality scenario. Until this guy is tried and has his opportunity to present a defense; he’ll just be a murdering scumbag who forsook his oath to support and defend the American Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He lied. He broke his oath. As a doctor, he broke his oath against life. As a soldier he broke his oath to the country. As a human, he became the most inhuman.

This article described him as a devout Muslim: “Fellow Worshipers Describe Fort Hood Shooting Suspect as Devout Muslim, Troubled by Wars” By Jana Winter, Fox News. Yes, I suppose he was a “devout” Muslim. But his devotion to Islam overrode his oaths to medicine and American Constitution and that is morality rolling over in its grave.

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