Muslim Soldiers Gunned Down by Christian Fanatic…No Wait

By: Craig Chamberlain

To hear the MSM blather on you would think that the Fort Hood murderer was nothing more than a soldier who couldn’t take it anymore. He just snapped that’s all, no jihad to see here, move along. It was with only the greatest of reluctance that they released his name or mentioned that he a devout Muslim.

I guarantee you that if the shooter had been named Robert Smith, and had been a Mormon, or a Catholic, or a Methodist, his name and religion wouldn’t have just been a main part of the story, it would have been the only part of the story. But when you have a Muslim named Nidal Malik, suddenly the fact that this man is heavily immersed in jihadist ideology is seen as an unimportant fact, or being merely coincidental.

Major Nidal Malik, had no business being in the military. Though he was born and raised in the state of Virginia, he in no way considered himself an American. He consistently refered to himself as a Palestinian. Though an officer in the United States Army, he was violently against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as he saw them as crusades against his fellow Muslims. A Psychiatrist, he would berate his patients for fighting for their country, insisting that they had fought on the wrong side. No wonder he was given sub par reviews.

Major Mailk would, under his own name, go online and write in defense of jihad and suicide bombing. Going so far as to compare a suicide bomber to a soldier who dives on a grenade. Apparently he missed the very obvious difference of a soldier risking his life to defend others and a terrorist going out of his way to kill others so he can get an express ticket to paradise.

Instead of promising action in response to this terrorist attack on our largest military base, the President and all of the other empty headed elites in this country have lectured the American people to no go out and persecute Muslims. I guess they don’t want a repeat of the violence and persecution of Muslims that followed the September 11th attacks. Oh wait… that’s right there wasn’t any. Because contrary to the beliefs of the Oligarchs in Washington the American people aren’t some bloodthirsty, bigoted mob. We’re more than capable of allowing the law to handle things. This isn’t a Muslim country, we don’t go hunting down religious minorities for sport.

Somehow, it’s the Muslim who’s the victim. His inbred, knuckle dragging, relatives in the West Bank insisted that it must have been harassment that led Maj. Malik to commit 13 homicides. First of all, there have been no reports of harassment towards Muslim soldiers, not one. And given the politically correct climate in this country if they did report it, their accused harassers would be quickly drummed out of the military. So it can’t be fear keeping them quiet. No, the reason there haven’t been any reports is, again, Americans aren’t this bloodthirsty group of bigots that we’re always accused of being.

Secondly, even if there were harassment(and there is absolutely no evidence of it existing) it’s no excuse for killing 13 of your fellow soldiers, and wounding over 30 more. Let’s not cloud the issue. This wasn’t caused by harassment. This wasn’t caused by stress of his imminent deployment overseas. This was caused by his religion.

We’ve been told not to jump to conclusions, but when a soldiers starts killing his fellow soldiers, while screaming “Allah Akbar!” it doesn’t require much of jump to figure out what motivated him. Islam preaches, and accepts violence, throughout the religion. Muslims who claim that violence is forbidden in Islam are being loose with the truth. Violence towards other Muslims is forbidden, according the Koran, and the idea or perpetual jihad, Major Malik was well within his religious rights to do what he did.

It’s this idea that we are at war against. Our enemies aren’t Buddhists or Greek Orthodox. All of the terrorists seeking to kill us and overthrow our Republic all come from the same religion, and that’s not a coincidence. It’s time that we remember that. We can’t hide from it, and we can’t whitewash it.

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