Protests Against Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill in Over 50 Cities on November 14!


This Saturday November 14, 2009 promises to be a historic day as Americans of every race, political party, and religious denomination unify behind Tea Parties Against Amnesty & Illegal Immigration that have quickly formed in over 50 cities in reaction to the news Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) plans to introduce Comprehensive Amnesty legislation by the end of November.

“The Obama administration and the US Congress need to cease and desist advocacy for any form of Amnesty legislation, since any path to citizenship for illegals is opposed by over 78% of Americans,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “To many Americans are aware that four out of five Americans oppose this, that there are Global business interests pushing this unpopular plan, and that the Government is intentionally under-enforcing our existing immigration laws.”

The Tea Parties Against Amnesty & Illegal Immigration are being organized by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and the events are organized at the website Citizens can show their support and demand at the website by registering to become supporters or event organizers. The website also provides event locations and times accompanied by maps.

Protesters are encouraged to attend, to show their support and to bring American flags and signs opposing Amnesty for illegal immigrants if possible. In some locations, motorists will be encouraged to honk, if they oppose Amnesty. ALIPAC has rapidly assembled over 50 events but is planning larger operations for the Spring of 2010, when the Gutierrez / Obama Amnesty legislation should be the top story in the nation.

“This is our warm up run to the larger Amnesty battle in the Spring,” said Gheen. “We are organizing citizens to call and e-mail Congress again like we did in 2007, when we shut down the Capitol phone systems. We are also organizing folks in the streets with Tea Parties and organizing behind campaigns for Congress. This is no longer just an issue, this is a political revolution brewing in the heart of the United States.”

All citizens that believe the US Constitution and popular existing immigration laws of the United States should be enforced, INSTEAD of granting Amnesty are encouraged to tell others, show their support, and attend the over 50 events detailed at

Currently there are events planned in Yakima, WA, Sterling, VA, Alexandria, VA, Fort Worth, TX, Austin, TX, Columbia, SC, Hazleton, PA, Valley Forge, PA, McAlester, OK, Maria Stein, OH, Columbus, OH, Painesville, OH, Syracuse, NY, New York, NY, Las Vegas, NV, Dumont, NJ, Grand Island, NE, Omaha, NE , Raleigh, NC, St. Paul, MN, Waterford, MI, Detroit, MI, Wilbraham, MA, Metairie, LA, Indianapolis, IN, Chicago, IL, Post Falls, ID, Idaho Falls, ID, Boise, ID, Iowa City, IA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sebring, FL, Lake City, FL, Durango, CO, Denver, CO, Pasadena, CA, Los Banos, CA, San Francisco, CA, Santa Maria, CA, San Diego, CA, Sacramento, CA, Salinas, CA, Redding, CA, Riverside, CA, Big Bear Lake, CA, Phoenix, AZ Snead, AL, Anchorage, AK

Some events will be simple protests of those gathering with signs and flags. Others will include live music and speeches by candidates, group leaders, and elected officials. Lists of numerous scientific polls showing massive majority American opposition to Amnesty and illegal immigration will be distributed at each even. For new events, event locations, and the latest news please visit

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