Obama to Troops: Drop Dead

By: Craig Chamberlain

Candidate Obama couldn’t wait to get to fighting the war in Afghanistan. It was, as the Democrats saw it, the good war. It was the war the Americans should have been fighting until President Bush dragged our forces away from the hunt for Osama Bin Laden to go fight in an imperialistic adventure in Iraq. When he was elected, he promised, we would refocus our energies, into defeating the Taliban, crushing Al-Qaeda, and capturing their leadership.

President Obama has a different tune. He’s just as dovish as Senator Obama. Despite repeated warnings from our nations top Generals, President Obama has rejected all military plans for the country. As of now he will be sending no troops to reinforce our soldiers there and launch an offensive against an increasingly aggressive Taliban. The President has not only shown himself to be incompetent he’s shown himself to be a liar as well.

The Presidents official excuse is that he’s unhappy with the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai. There’s too much corruption, not enough transparency, or accountability. Of course the same could be said of his administration which is crammed, top to bottom, with Mao loving, revolution plotting, Marxists. Honestly, what did he expect? That in just eight short years Afghanistan would go from a country that had never had a Democratic government, to being a Jeffersonian Democracy?

Did he really believe that Afghanistan would embrace democratic ideals, minority rights, individual freedoms, and secularism? If so he’s terminally naive and has no place being President of the United States. When we launched our offensive in October 2001, our goal was not to bring American style Democracy to Afghanistan(that would be impossible) but to deprive Al-Qaeda of the Afghan safe haven, and to drive the Taliban from power.

Those goals were accomplished. The Taliban no longer rules Afghanistan, and few miss their reign. And while the Karzai government is far from perfect, it’s a step up from the Taliban, although almost anything would be. We cannot, realistically, expect to take a tribal society and, in just eight years, have a competent, honest, and efficient national government. Honest and efficient government is hard to come by anywhere, not just Afghanistan. The fact that Karzai is an ally and Afghanistan is no longer ruled by the Taliban, or a base of operations for Al-Qaeda is a great improvement, and is what the American mission in Afghanistan is all about in the first place.

But it appears that President Obama is intent on, if not abandoning the mission, leaving our soldiers to twist in the wind. It really makes no difference to him wheter or not we have success in Afghanistan, after all he’s the messiah, here to heal the world. What does he care what his Generals think?

It is something that he should be concerned about. If we fail in Afghanistan, as is very likely according to General McChrystal, we will have gone right back to where we started. Not only will a regime far worse than President Karzai’s government be in power, Al-Qaeda will find themselves with a safe haven. A base of operations, a government to give them what they want, is what they need to plan- and carry out- terrorist attacks. Although with the Obama administration all they have to do is keep promoting Muslim psychopaths through the ranks, and they’ll be doing Al-Qaeda’s work for them.

By refusing to reinforce our soldiers in the midst of battle President Obama is shirking his most serious responsibility, that of Commander in Chief. If Afghanist once again becomes a place where terrorists are free to gather and launch attacks on the U.S. our soldiers will have died for nothing, those that died on 9-11 will be forgotten.

That alone would be tragic enough, but a greater tragedy will be added because of President Obama’s refusal to see our troops to victory. The tragedy will be we will be going through this all over again in the future. If Afghanistan falls, as is seemingly more likely because of President Obama, America will be attacked again under a resurgent wave of Islamic terrorism. That’s the tragedy, that more Americans will have to die because President Obama doesn’t have the courage to be President.

When that does happen all of those dead will rightly be laid at President Obama’s feet.

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