Political Correctness Derangement Syndrome

By: Eddie Clements

Are you, or anyone you know, plagued by vague feelings of guilt? Have you read or heard opinion pieces on TV news, in newspapers, the internet, that make you feel inadequate? Do these opinions stir deep feelings of anxiety over being an American, Euro-trash liberal, or part of the Red Menace? Then you may be suffering from a little known but debilitating disease some call Political Correctness Derangement Syndrome, or PCDS.

PCDS can afflict anyone, but because of their public exposure it is particularly noticeable in members of the old media. It is characterized by inordinate fear of conservatives, loss of coherence, spinal disappearance from contortions bending over backward finding rationales, and refusal to accept obvious facts and report them as such. PCDS renders its victims helpless, sanctimonious, condescending and contradictory.

Do not mistake this enfeebling condition with the more serious disease affecting leftist politicians! Those people, mostly Democrats but some Republicans, are cynical manipulators of the public’s good will. They are only concerned with achieving, growing and maintaining power. They are aligned with liberal/progressives whose ideological roots derive from fascism movements early in the twentieth century. Not wanting to appear mean-spirited, most people shy away from baseless accusations of various –isms, -ists and –ots. Leftist politicians, with the help of their sycophantic operatives, demagogue their way to power by knocking down straw men. PCDS sufferers are confused and disoriented; leftist politicians knowingly promise dreams they can never deliver just to achieve their goal of obtaining power.

In so doing, those politicians co-opt well-intentioned liberals in the media and pervert their sincerity for their own purposes. They use media personnel the same way as the progressive-fascist and later Communist Vladimir Lenin did, who once described them as “useful idiots.”

Unfortunately, those affected by PCDS are oblivious to its effects, for the same reasons they lack the perception to resolve the simplest, most obvious cause-and-effect questions. A prominent and illustrative recent example is the inability of PCDS sufferers from connecting the religious beliefs, stated and written communications of the Fort Hood Mass Murderer to his actions.

Victims of this serious disability can be anyone who is influenced by members of the lame-stream old media, Hollywood celebrities, NEA member teachers, or college Humanities professors. The last group is the most alarming, because of their presence on college campuses. Since this disease was not diagnosed early, professors have infected other academic disciplines through the years, even business, economics and religious studies!

Watch for the Top Ten Symptoms of PCDS:

Number 10 – wanting to save humanity while thinking people are a plague on the planet;

Number 9 – saying Americans deserved to be attacked on 9/11;

Number 8 – believing select groups deserve special protections violating equality under the law;

Number 7 – comparing Christians to mindless murderers and Islamic suicide bombers to freedom fighters;

Number 6 – thinking achievers’ wealth should be shared equally because resource development is exploitation;

Number 5 – constantly finding hate speech in alternative perspectives;

Number 4 – feel free to act as they please as a right while imposing restrictions on others “for the common good”;

Number 3 – insist animals have rights equal to humans;

Number 2 – believe crime will disappear if guns are outlawed;

And the Number One Symptom of PCDS – seeing conspiracy in Sarah Palin’s narrow 47 million vote victory margin for Vice-President over David Letterman.

It is important for the helpless victims of PCDS to reject thinking of themselves as victims. The only known cures for this terrible affliction are studying true writings of actual history and obtaining a real job. It is helpful, though not indispensible, for them to embrace Christianity. This may lead them to realize that there is something outside each of us more important than our own self-esteem.

If you encounter one of these hapless individuals, speak clearly but not threateningly. When disturbed by facts, PCDS sufferers are prone to unexplainable outbursts of temper, accompanied by wild accusations like “Yer stupid!” When this happens, walk away quietly but don’t turn your back on them, as they may charge when wounded by truth.

Act now to end this dread scourge, because this disease will spread like H1N1 under proposed health-care legislation.

Eddie Clements


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