Denying The Obvious

By: William P. Frasca

The National Security of this Great Country is being compromised by the Socialist Democratic idiots, who enjoy being passive contented servants to the hazards of fanatical barbarians, who wish to destroy murder and torture us whenever possible. Their mentality is plain and simple, sacrifice America and the American people in the name of surrender and acceptance. Would these same radical cowards submit to this same ideology if it involves them or one of their own members of the family or friends? How can they live with themselves?

Unfortunately these naive individuals believe a weak defense and non-existent offense are the answers to peace and tranquility. History, unfortunately, proves them all wrong. Did they ever hear of the atrocities committed and forced religious conversions, which initiated the crusades? Did they ever hear of the Nazis, Fascism, Communism and Jihad? These vicious contemptible inhuman acts committed by these groups of forced empowerment and potential world slavery have been going on for years, and anyone who thinks this can be solved by capitulation is a fool.

The citizens of the United States of America, especially all those who believe in the constitutional right of religious freedom, have been bullied, knocked down and stepped on, arrested and abused by unwarranted bogus accusations. These allegations are initiated by habitual frightened conceited traitors of our society, who prey on only the meek selected passive spiritual congregations. The falsely charged are called prejudice, racists, greedy, selfish, and insensitive to other races, creeds and religions. They have been attacked mentally, physically and spiritually.

They are immediately branded and tattooed, as narrow minded bigots. The moment they had enough of these unwarranted attacks and exploitations of irresponsible, inexcusable acts of reverse discrimination and character assignation, by exercising a peaceful and legal well thought out plan of self defense protecting their rights to self preservation. They are an easy target to harass, because they object and show their disapproval and anger by using words, while others use murder, terror, horror, torture, fright and panic, which makes any criticisms, by the cowardly liberals’, non-existent.

It is quit obvious who the animals are committing these terrorist atrocities of mass murder of innocent men, women and children in our own beloved Country and throughout the world. They are Islamic radical extremists engaging in jihad. Why are we allowing this to be sugar coated, hidden and denied. Yet we ignore these clearly visible observations of established proofs and guilt, by allowing some these individuals to go undetected, while we randomly check and search less likely culprits, including the elderly, who are entering all public events and at transportation accesses, just to say we’re not profiling. We as a Nation are so wrapped up in being politically correct; it is allowing a green light for all the vicious demented hostilities of the world to enter without restrictions.

We can’t even protect our military and civilian personnel on a military base, on American soil, let alone having any faith or trust in our government guaranteeing us a safe and secure environment and atmosphere from any physical harm. What message does this send throughout the world and especially to the terrorist, that American doesn’t have the ability to protect and defend itself from murderers and is wide open to unspeakable sadistic criminal assaults and violence?

This Administration under the leadership of our President Barrack Hussein Obama “the chosen one”, who has Islamic ties, stated that the horrendous despicable appalling horrible dreadful act at Fort Hood Texas, by Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a man made disaster. If you believe in this definition that he and his Administration is using to describe this massacre, instead of rightfully calling it terrorism? Then you must also believe in Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle.

All warning signs and written documentations, instabilities and questionable communications of this mass executioner, who slaughtered the innocent, were basically ignored, by his Superiors, instead of conducting an aggressive investigation. Would this same reaction be administered to all races, creeds and religions, or does this privilege only pertain to the Muslin faith? Is this what we have become a nation guilty of being motionless, inept, and inactive in the face of noticeable and apparent destruction? Are we so afraid of the word insensitivity that it forces us to drop our defenses of self preservations? Does being politically correct take precedence above all that we hold sacred?

Our freedoms of speech and religion have been muted by the loathsome coward radical Socialist Democrats, who are more willing to apprehend the opinion maker than the bomb maker. Our estimated personal views are being stymied and clouded by unfair, unethical criticisms and name calling, which prey on our National ideologies and religious conscience. We must end this outrage of frightful; inadequate forced, self imposed social philosophy of treacherous priorities immediately, before it’s too late.

My prayers and condolences are extended to all those, and their families, who have been innocent victims, of this useless, senseless despicable loss of American life, committed by this evil act of terrorism and unconscionable murder. May God please Bless and Protect America from all its enemies, especially the enemies that live within us?

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