A White House That is Out of Touch will All of America

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By: Elizabeth Marion

Since Barack Obama took office, I have found it increasingly difficult to discern when he is being sincere. He has said so many things that have been dishonest, out of touch, or simply don’t make any sense at all. The entire administration seems to be just as dishonest and insincere. A perfect example of how out of touch this administration really is is the White House blog.

On November 9, a blog was posted titled “A Washington That is more Reflective of All of America”, written by Norm Eisen. The blog is to update readers on a meeting “with a group of lobbyists and others who currently chair Industry Trade Advisory Committees”. Apparently, lobbyists don’t like being barred from agency boards and commissions. President Obama, being the bipartisan leader he is, didn’t want them to feel like they were being picked on. Or as Norm Eisen puts it, “we feel it important to meet with those with whom we disagree to discuss their concerns face to face”. The President doesn’t seem very interested in listening to the other side of the argument on any other issue, like health care reform, the economy, job creation, or the war, but this administration is willing to be more open when it comes to lobbyists. After all, lobbyists are much more sane than those angry mobs who are too stupid to see everything the same way as the President of the United States. It was explained to the lobbyists that the President is only trying to “level the playing field”. The blog also made it clear that “various arguments and counterarguments” were considered. It made no mention of the fact that President Obama made a promise that lobbyists would not hold a job in his White House.

Chrystal clear evidence of Obama’s insincerity came in Obama’s first remarks regarding the Fort Hood terrorist attack. A blog titled “Fort Hood” was posted on November 5, with some of what the President had said about the shooting. It made no mention of the despicable fact that the President gave a few shout outs before talking about the shooting, and his words also suggested that we would have preferred to talk more about Native Americans and that talking about Fort Hood was an annoyance for him. The shout outs, of course, are not listed in the blog, just the rest of what he said. This speech and this blog show very clearly how out of touch President Obama is. He could have at least pretended to care. It’s time for him to take his job as President a little bit more seriously. It was a moment for him to be a leader, to show that he took the tragedy seriously, but he failed to step up.

This bipartisan and open administration also bashed the Republicans for putting together a health care reform plan that didn’t meet their standards in a blog titled “Word From the White House: House Republican Health Care ‘Plan’ Putting Families at Risk”. Perhaps they should have read more closely the Democrat’s bill to see how that will put families at risk. The White House claims in the blog that “their plan would put families at risk by giving insurance companies more power to discriminate against patients while accumulating record profits”. I’d like to see the real numbers on the ‘record profits’ that the health insurance companies are making. The White House is again grossly exaggerating the profits of insurance companies. They’re hardly record profits. Perhaps the White House could also explain how forcing insurance companies to cover patients they can’t afford to cover, which could eventually force them to close and then be unable to cover anyone, would be beneficial.

In further attempting to discredit the Republican’s plan, the blog separates fact from fiction to make it easier on all of us. It states “Rhetoric: The House Republican health care ‘plan’ lets families and businesses buy health insurance across state lines. Reality: Unlike the House leadership bill, the Republicans bill takes us backwards rather then forward.” They do make a good point. Allowing people to buy insurance across state lines is pretty shallow, not to mention classic Neanderthal behavior. Besides, it create a lot of competition that we really don’t need right now. Competition could even result in such horrors as American families having more options and lowered costs. Fortunately, the White House was able to make Americans aware of the Republican’s lies.

I read the White House blog regularly to stay up to date on what’s going on, or in other words to see what other lies have been posted recently. This tradition may soon end, as I feel I cannot take much more of this abuse. The final slap in the form of a blog posted on October 30 titled “Transparency Like You’ve Never Seen Before”. Hopefully, the means that the administration will actually start asking questions about some of the people who have been appointed to White House positions, why the spending is so out of control, why the President has been so dishonest on so many issues, or why the President has the gall to demonize his opponents and still claim to be bipartisan. Nope, but we will get to see visitor records.

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