Is Bush Relevant Anymore?

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By Elizabeth Marion

Now more than nine months into his presidency, Barack Obama still frequently reminds us that he inherited a terrible economy and a war. This is true, but the question is this: Is Bush relevant anymore?

President Obama did inherit a lot of problems, but he chose to take on those problems. Perhaps it would be more worthwhile for the President to focus on solving these problems instead of complaining about them. He chose to take on a position of leadership, but by constantly complaining about his job he is not being a leader. If he doesn’t want to deal with criticism, he shouldn’t have become a politician. If he didn’t want to inherit what George Bush left behind, he shouldn’t have chosen to become his successor.
Obama is not even honest about what he inherited. He has said several times that he inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit, but the deficit did not hit $1 trillion until June 2009. For those who are keeping track, Bush wasn’t President in June 2009. Barack Obama was. And it isn’t right for him to blame Bush for the money he has added to the deficit. He talks frequently about the “mess” left by the former administration, while in stubborn denial that he has added to the mess. Necessary or not, Obama has spent hundreds of billions of dollars since taking office, hundreds of billions of dollars that cannot be pinned on Bush.

Even under the Obama administration, Bush-bashing is still a very popular trend. I don’t have a problem with people continuing to express their frustrations with the Bush administration even though he’s out of office. What I do have a problem with is the current President constantly pointing his finger at the former President. This behavior is childish and entirely inappropriate for the President of the United States of America. Obama inherited a large deficit. That does not mean he can avoid responsibility for every dollar he’s added to it. He inherited a bad economy. That does not mean he can blame Bush for the jobs that have been lost on his watch. Perhaps someone should inform Barack Obama that George Bush isn’t President anymore. He doesn’t seem to be grasping that concept well. He can make speeches in front of Congress, accept awards for doing nothing, and take credit for the positive improvements in our economy, but take responsibility for all the money he has added to the deficit and for all the jobs that have been lost? Never! In his mind, that’s all still Bush’s responsibility.

The President continues making these excuses, but he just can’t have it both ways. He boasts about what he’s accomplished, but blames Bush for almost all of his problems. In one way or another, he’s always struggling to clean up Bush’s mess. He’s always so burdened by the mess he inherited. What the President needs to do is make a decision-either it’s his economy or it’s Bush’s. If Barack Obama really isn’t ready to take on that kind of responsibility, maybe he should step down and let Bush be President again for a while. Or maybe they could both take turns playing the President. I think such a game would certainly be appropriate for someone like Barack Obama. He cannot continue to brag about the good things he’s done and point to Bush whenever someone brings up something he hasn’t been able to accomplish yet or the unemployment numbers.

The fact of the matter is that Bush is not relevant anymore when talking about the state of the economy or the deficit. The American people know what Obama inherited. He does not need to keep reminding us. What he needs to do is start solving our problems instead of whining about them and blaming them on George Bush. Bush is no longer the President of the United States of America. The problems and challenges we face no longer rest on his shoulders, but on the shoulders of Obama. He needs to start carrying the weight.

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