The Left’s Contempt for America

By: Craig Chamberlain

President Obama, as well as his supporters, saw his election as a morally transcendent event. Finally, with the election of America’s first minority President, would the sins of America begin to wash away. Ever since his inauguration President Obama has done everything he can do to debase, weaken, and transform the United States.

His apology to the Muslim world in Cairo is a good example. What was he apologizing for? Basically the very existence of America itself. Muslims complain about support for Israel, and our war against the terrorists. Never mind the numerous times we’ve gone to bat for Muslims, and that most victims of the terrorists are other Muslims. President Obama couldn’t stand the thought of being unpopular with people he so admires, so he renounced the “Great Satan”, won’t press the fight in Afghanistan, and has abandoned Israel to the mercies of people who want to destroy it.

This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. Part of America’s redemption is repudiating anything done before President Obama came into office, especially anything done by the administration of President George W. Bush. More specifically it means ending his economic policies and his anti-terror policies, and going after any country that had close ties to America during Bush’s time in office. The leftist myth was that President Bush and the Republicans were contemptuous of diplomacy and ruined America’s reputation across the world. In contrast the Democrats, those enlightened citizens of the world, would make the world love us again.

Setting aside the idiocy of that narrative that America was universally loved until the GOP came into power, let’s look at the facts at what President Obama’s foreign policy has been.

President Obama grovels to the king of Saudi Arabia, repudiates his own country before the world, practically prostrates himself before the Emperor of Japan. All this comes from the leader of a republic that has neither monarchy or aristocracy. The result is that America is viewed more scornfully than at any time since the Carter administration. Don’t think for one minute that world leaders don’t notice his behavior. They know he’s weak, and indecisive. They know that now is the time for them to act. As a result Iran is so belligerent that even the French think we need to act now. We’re caving to the Russians by abandoning our plans for our missile defense shield. We sell out Poland, on the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939. We also sold out the Czech Republic. Both countries have been staunch allies of the United States. Whatever happened to restoring diplomacy and America’s good name?

It’s not all groveling of course. Sometimes President Obama bullies. He doesn’t have the nerve to stand up to a real threat like Iran, the Taliban, or North Korea. So he goes and picks on Honduras. Their crime? Legally removing a tyrant in training for illegally attempting to change their constitution and usurp their laws. President Obama insists that the would be dictator be restored to power before he would recognize Honduras. Yet he somehow couldn’t summon up that kind of outrage and condemnation for the Iranian government and their bloody crackdown on peaceful, pro democracy, protestors.

This foreign policy is not by accident. They are sending deliberate signals that American exceptionalism has no place in the Obama administration. As far as they are concerned it simply doesn’t exist. They simply don’t see America as anything important. There’s no vision of America as a shining city on a hill, they see it as more of a sewer. This foreign policy is designed to weaken America in the world, reduce our influence, and to make us just one nation among that rest that doesn’t stand out in any way, or stand up for itself.

This transformative redemption, this desire to change America, out of a contempt for America, goes beyond foreign policy. It seeps into domestic policy, using the Democratic tactic of never letting a crisis go to waste, they have launched wave after wave of legislation to pull America to the left, making us more like Europe, and thus cleansing America of its sins by making us less American. The obsession with climate change, the mad dash to socialize medicine, the attacks on business, these are all attempts, by the left, to rehabilitate America. A conservative would say there is no need for rehabilitation. As the left sees it America is inherently flawed and only by copying our betters can we erase those flaws.

There is an absurdity in such a belief, that America can only make progress by running left, even at a time when Europe is moving right. Germany, Italy, and France have conservative governments. Even Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Norway have conservative governments. Among major European players only Spain and the United Kingdom have left wing governments, and if the election polls hold up the Labor government of Gordon Brown is about to be washed out to sea by a conservative tsunami.

The left is trying to bury America in a grave of European socialism at a time when Europe is getting away from it.

The clearest light in which leftist hatred for America can be seen, however, is in the area of security. The phrase “war on terror” has been abandoned. Acts of terrorism are now considered to be “man made disasters.” The government is more afraid of veterans and conservative activists than it is of Al-Qaeda, it won’t send reinforcements to Afghanistan(and is probably drawing up contingency plans for our immediate surrender), it won’t call Major Hasan, a man who shouted “Allahu Akbar!” while murdering his fellow soldiers, a terrorist and generally thinks that Americans who are concerned about such things are racist morons out to overthrow the republic.

Rather than help American soldiers in the field they would rather go after Fox News. Rather than protect the American people from future terrorist attacks they would rather spill the beans in a civilian trial and let Al-Qaeda have all the intelligence we’ve got.

There is only one reason to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and his cronies, in civilian court where state secrets, and classified information, will inevitably come out. It can only be that they don’t consider terrorism a matter for the military. As far as the President and his cabinet are concerned there is no moral difference between an act of terrorism and grand theft auto. Both are merely criminal matters to be settled by civilian authorities, in a court of law with many rights for the accused.

With the trial the left is expressing its ultimate hatred for the United States. Just as in the trial for the first World Trade Center attack, sensitive information will be forced out into the open that will put American lives in danger, not that this bothers the left. The only thing that they take seriously is the dismantling of America.

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