Obama’s Betrayal

By: William P. Frasca

The hits keep on coming with this Socialist Democratic Administration lead by our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “the chosen one”. His new debacle of amplified augmented betrayal, which was funneled through his Attorney General, Eric Holder is transferring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed with four of his cohort conspirators into the City of New York for a federal civilian trial by jury. These pigs will be given all rights and privileges adhered to any American citizen. This extravaganza of malfunctioning blunder, requested, by the President is offering an insensitive gesture of humiliation to each and every American. This embarrassment of allowing these animals full American judicial rights in answering all charges brought forth against them, pertaining to their involvement in the mass hideous slaughter, murder and destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 is an obvious disgrace in leadership.

President Obama and his merry band of passive idiots believe in bending over backwards to pacify these radical savages of Islamic jihad extremist, to achieve tranquility. Are they so naive to expect a development of good comradely from these cockroaches, whose only goal in their pathetic lives is to inflict unmentionable atrocities to the American people and the world? These unwarranted acts of uncivilized disparaging hardships of contemptible menace will be rewarded by the outlandishly incoherent frightening Obama Administration.

They showed no remorse, decency or good conscience from their terrorist devastations, then why is this Administration offering them even an ounce of civility? Why are they deliberately humiliating and undermining the extreme deep rooted hurt that caused these horrendous acts of annihilation by opening up old wounds to the people of New York?

As usual President Barrack Hussein Obama, the chosen one” allowed himself to be manipulated by the liberal left wing fanatics of his Socialist Democratic Party. These are terrorists, not shoplifters and should be judged by a military tribunal. Will this act of kindness and mercy promise peace and harmony? Will this form a concrete promise that these heathens will be brought to a speedy trail? Absolutely not, but it definitely reflexes weakness; in fact this will bring a carnival atmosphere of repetitious rhetoric of bogus jihad ideologies.

This will magnify and manufacture martyrs in their own vicious chaotic terrorist world of obliteration, which will strike a cruel hard blow in all our hearts. These barbarians will initiated this in court and be glorified by the subdued politically correct main stream news media, together with the cowardly passive Liberal Socialist Democrats, who love to blame America first. This totally discredits our American justice system. This only serves one purpose and that is to enhance Obama’s popularity within his obsessive demonizing liberal base.

Where is Obama’s mercy and kindness to the American people, especially to the residents of New Your City? These constituents, have so much overwhelming loyalty to the Democratic Party that they would obviously vote for them even if the names on the ballot for President and Vice-President are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? Where is Obama’s loyalty to them? Is he just taking their support for granted, by giving them absolutely no courtesy or respect? Is he slapping their faces by going to the side of the extreme radical Islamic terrorists, who murdered innocent men, women, and children?

This is already developing into a circus of intense judicial mayhem. Are they secretly offering an escape route for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, from the executioner’s hand, because his admission of guilt at the federal holding prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba was questionably given? Naturally there is a more intense structure on submitting pertinent, acceptable evidence in an American civilian court of law opposed to that of the military tribunal.

Don’t forget New York City is basically one of the most liberal sections of the Country, which is the most radically politically correct capital of the world. They have enormous discrepancies of paranoid behavior towards most government agencies, which increases their suspicions of denied and abused civil rights offenses towards the alleged poor criminal. They have their fair share of bleeding hearts. If they choose a jury from this pool, the scales of justice might tip in favor of the accused. Could this be a well thought out plan enacted by the Obama Administration to actually achieve these nightmare results of potential innocence or downgrading their hideous murderous crimes?

Any and all illogical attempts made by this Administration should not shock anyone, in fact the more outrageous and subdued they are towards our enemies, by groveling, bowing, smiling, and apologizing with increasing disloyalties and unjustified betrayal to ourselves, our beloved Country, our Constitution and our allies, the more it mirrors their surrendering submissive evil image.

These rodents are international outlaws that performed unspeakable acts of mass murder and destruction against America and the American people. They’re not American citizens. They were picked up and arrested on foreign soil, and extradited into the hands of American officials for interrogation, obtaining pertinent information, imprisonment, with an eventual hearing, conviction and sentencing. They are not worthy of a civilian court with full constitutional honors, because as we all know anything can happen in a court of law.

These are illegal aggressors of extreme magnitude, which have absolutely no International rights, no rights under the Geneva Convention, and especially no rights in the United States. They are only entitled to a military tribunal, which offers them more justice than they deserve. This was a good enough process for the Nazis and Fascists at Nuremberg. Are these assassins any better? The United States military should be the authorizing factor in determining a correct, proper and warranted punishment for their unconscionable actions.

Whether or not the Obama Administration succeeds in completing this forced treacherous act of infidelity, against America and the City of New York, the damage has already been done. They have already bought acknowledgment, to their deceitful unfaithfulness, by losing whatever creditability and trust they had; left with the American people.

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