Why Abortion is Not Health Care

By: Guest Authors

by: Elizabeth Marion

Over the past few weeks, abortion has become the focal point of the health care debate. Pro-life congressmen are arguing that it’s wrong to use taxpayer dollars to fund something that so many Americans are strongly opposed, an argument that could really be used against the entire health care reform plan itself. Pro-choice congressmen are claiming that not allowing taxpayer money to fund abortions is taking away women’s choices. The fact of the matter is that the issue of abortion doesn’t even belong in the health care debate, because abortion is not health care.

Pregnancy is not a disease, and abortion does not prevent any disease. It is not a treatment for any illness or condition, nor is it a procedure that improves one’s health. Health care insurance should cover medical treatments and preventive care. Abortion is neither of the above. Abortion is a choice. No taxpayer money should be used to fund the choices of individuals. And for that matter, while we’re on the subject of health care reform, no taxpayer money should be used to make more people dependent on the government.

While I disagree strongly with those who think it’s the government’s job to provide and pay for everyone’s health care, I understand where they’re coming from. Though misguided, the idea comes from a place of compassion. Most Americans who support health care reform feel it’s the best way to help those who don’t have health insurance, either ignoring or unaware of how drastically it will increase the government’s power. There is no excuse, however, for expecting the government to pay for individual’s choices. Too many people in America have bought into the idea that they shouldn’t be held responsible for themselves and their decisions. Too many want someone else to take responsibility for their choices. The amount of people who desperately want a government-run public option really shows how widespread the idea of no individual responsibility has become. With the encouragement of the Obama administration more people are turning to the government, expecting to be bailed out, when they realize a poor decision has put them in a tough spot. And those who have made good decisions are becoming more aware of the fact that this administration intends to take money away from them to help out those who have made poor decisions.

To me the idea that the government can and should provide health care for all Americans is ludicrous. It is a power the government has never been given and was never intended to have. What’s even worse is the suggestion that the government should cover choices such as abortion. It probably won’t be long before people start demanding that the government cover some of their recreational activities, such as attending concerts and amusement parks. After all, the argument can be made that overall happiness and regular amusement can contribute to the well-being of one’s mental or emotional health. Car insurance should not cover a trip to the salon. Health insurance should not cover abortions, especially with taxpayer money.

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