Being a Christian is Really Tough!

By: Michael John McCrae

“But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.” Luke 6:27-28

God is really tough on his children. Jesus laid down some explicit instructions on turning cheeks and forgiving wrongs. The count is so high, you forget how many times you’ve forgiven someone and you have to start all over again with your counting.

The words above are not a platitude to the true Christian. On the very first day Jesus began his ministry those he spoke to tried to kill him. They believed he had blasphemed by declaring himself the one to fulfill the Messianic prophesies. He was simply telling the truth.

Times have changed, but attitudes towards those who tell the truth have not. Those of us who espouse faith and the truth of scripture are a most hated clan of people. The list of enemies would fill this column to overflowing. Jesus made it a point to tell us not to be too upset about that. He explained that the world would hate us, but reminded us that the world hated him first.

The most gentle and sincere person to ever walk the earth became also the most despised. His ability to expose hypocrisy and sin by simply comparing things spoken and taught to what his Father actually had written through the prophets did not sit well with those who willfully misled the masses for personal gain.

These days one cannot address the immorality of homosexuality without that being considered “hate speech”. Jesus too would have been condemned for his agreement with his Father that a true marriage is between one man and one woman. Jesus would have been condemned for his support of children; that we should suffer them and not forbid them; “for such is the kingdom of God.” Speech like that in modern America earns one the wrath of every pro-abortionist who has ever sucked an innocent life from a womb.

It is hard to “do good to them” that hate us. It is hard to “pray for them” who use us. It is most difficult to “Bless them that curse” us. For even through all that goodness; feeding the poor, praying for the spite-filled and blessing the liberal socialists; the hatred and bitterness against all things Christian remains. Being a Christian is really tough!

Faced with arrest and ultimately death; Jesus continued to simply point out the errors in thinking and action of his oppressors. Finally; seeing that his words had no affect on those wanting him dead, ceased trying to reason with the unreasonable. Three days after evil believed it had won its victory; Jesus arose and completed his Father’s plan of redemption; to the chagrin of the religionists and the Romans. Truth had won a solid victory over death.

The true Christian takes comfort in knowing the victory is secure. What has been won cannot be undone by any amount of evil. Truth is truth. It is the unfaithful and the unbeliever that willingly accepts the lie. That is why we must bless, pray for and do good for those who despise us.

Jesus went among the sinners. The sinners; being sick; needed a physician. True Christians are tasked to do no less. We know that the killing of the unborn is wrong. We know homosexuality is immoral. We know God gives each living soul the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that no human government entity is entitled to strip those God-given rights from its citizenry. That was the crux of Jesus’ ministry.

Pray, bless and do good dear Christian. But continue to speak the truth no matter the scorn of the unbelievers.

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