Things I’ll Never Get Over

By: Patti Bankson

Sometimes when the two dogs in our household are out in the backyard “stalking” something, it’s hard to get them to “come”. I can call, “Here, Chico. Here, Gwinny”, ‘til the cows come home, and I’m lucky if they even look my way. But! When I tack on the word “treat”, suddenly they come running at full speed. They immediately sit down and look at me with that expectant, excited look on their faces. As soon as I’ve given them their treat, they start chewing it up, obviously enjoying it, without even so much as a “Thank You”. Can you imagine that? Well, of course you can… they’re dogs, for heavens sake.

Interestingly, what works for our dogs at home, seems to work in politics, too. Our politicians in their efforts to push through their agendas get in front of us and call, “Here, Voters… Here, Voters.” What happens? Nothing. So, they move on to what they know works, “Here, Voters, “Here, Voters… wanna “treat?”, and suddenly whoever’s offering the treat has to climb a tree to avoid the stampede! This “wanna treat?” technique is being beautifully and artfully used by our current administration to push its leftist agenda to the point where if our country were a ship, it would be listing. Badly. Taking on water… getting ready to go under.

I’ll never get over how unapologetically they do it. Standing in front of a bank of microphones, a gazillion American flags as backdrop, some “I-haven’t-seen-a-camera-I-don’t-like-or-a-dollar-I-won’t-spend politician smiles and proclaims that the program they’re “offering” is… “good for America”. That’s what they all say; both sides of the aisle. Why, you’d think the only reason they do anything is for the good of the American people. Sadly, those who are looking for “a treat” always fall for it.

I’ll never get over being thankful that the rest of America, recognizing that we’re headed in the wrong direction, is unapologetically standing up to protest the Obama Steamroller, spend-until-we’re-bankrupt-and-China’s-knocking-on-the-White-House-door method of government. And what “treat” do we get? We’re called “astro-turf” (Thanks, Pelosi!), nut-jobs, and the (obscene) “tea-baggers”. Worse than that, Obama tells us that we should just shut up, grab a mop and help him clean up the mess he “inherited”.

Just shut up? Wow, Mr. President… What part of Free Speech don’t you understand? Besides, after 11 months in office, it’s no longer about what you may or may not have “inherited”… now it’s about what you’ve done, and are doing, to Change that “inheritance”. So far? Not so good.

But, you know what? I don’t want to talk politics anymore today… I’d rather take some time for Thanksgiving… for some of the other things I’ll never get over.

I’ll never get over being thankful to be an American. I’ll never get over the wonder of having a husband who loves God, and who, after all these years, still likes and loves me… I’ll never get over being thankful for his “gift” to me, our four loving and forgiving “kids”, of whom I’m very proud, and I’ll never get over being thankful for their “gift” to us, our five prettiest-handsomest-most-adorable-most-wonderful-in-the-world grandchildren.

Last, but definitely not least, I’ll never get over being thankful to God for His love, His forgiveness, and His daily mercy.

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