America the Oligarchy

By: Craig Chamberlain

We’ve seen, over the course of many years, our elected leaders display nothing but contempt for the constitution, the ideals of republicanism, and the people of this country. It’s not a partisan thing. Both parties are guilty. Republican as well as Democrat Presidents have signed bills that were unconstitutional into law. Most of our politicians don’t even bother to think about our constitution at all when they are considering how they can further regulate and micromanage our lives. To be truthful they probably can’t even spell “constitution”.

The American people can’t express enough concern and outrage over nationalized health care. That hasn’t stopped the Democrats from ramming through a bill that has no constitutional justification. Instead it only seems to have made them more enthusiastic in passing the bill. The more the American public hates it, the more they want it to be law. After all how can the peasants of flyover country be expected to know what they want?

Americans want the government to spend less, and we have record deficits. The people have made it clear that they don’t want higher taxes, and the Democrats can’t stop thinking about new and higher taxes. Higher income taxes, higher taxes on investment, higher taxes, or “surcharges” as the new terminology calls it, to pay for the socialistic schemes that are about to send this country completely into financial ruin.

The people have voted 31 times to repeal, or forbid, “gay marriage”. You think 31 times would be enough to get the message across. But not with this group. Our new oligarchy, doesn’t much care what the unwashed masses think. After all how could we be expected to understand a complicated, sophisticated issue like that? No, it’s for our own good. And it’s full speed ahead. To hell with the rednecks. They’ll keep pushing until they can find an end run around the law, the constitution, or the voice of the people.

It goes beyond the normal contempt. Our oligarchs are going after private property rights. The terrible Kelo decision of 2005, has been replicated. What’s the right to property compared to their right to hand out lucrative contracts and rake in a lot of tax revenue that they can give to their constituents? The New York court has voted 6-1 that the city has the right to steal private property and give it to developers.

Once again the rights of citizens are at the mercy of our leaders. These same leaders don’t care much for the idea of a republic. They prefer it when the people have as little a say as possible. So eminent domain has been reaffirmed to be legal so that public officials, and their financial friends can kick people out of their homes if they think that they can make more money off the developers they will be giving the property to.

They want to build a basketball arena, put in high end apartments and the law tells them they have every right to kick out property owners who stand in their way. I don’t pretend to be a constitutional scholar, but it was never the intention of the founders that eminent domain would be used this way. It explicitly says “public use” call me naive, but if you have to pay to get inside it’s not public use. A basketball arena certainly doesn’t fit that definition. A highway, a school, a hospital, a library, or some other public use facility would qualify. Building a new home for the Nets does not.

This goes far beyond which party is in charge. It goes the citizens of America standing up for their republic. Any politician that violates the constitution, or acts as an oligarch does not deserve to hold public office. That means that we have to get rid of a lot of politicians, but it would be well worth the price.

We need to remind ourselves that it’s “to the republic for which it stands” the pledge of allegiance doesn’t say a word about oligarchy. The American people need to educate themselves about this republic, our rights and constitution. It’s time to stand up for ourselves against people who think that they are entitled to take away any liberties they feel like.

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