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November 28, 2009

OBAMAZILLA is America’s True Nemesis, Not Fellow Patriots.

Filed under: Politics In General - 28 Nov 2009

Eleven months ago, he landed on the shores of America destroying everything in his path. A gigantic fire breathing monster reeking havoc, consuming private sector industries, crushing institutions which have made America great and destroying lives. With fear and trembling …

The Manhattan Declaration – To Every Thing there is a Season

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 28 Nov 2009

News shows across America showed clips of American Idol star Adam Lambert’s overt sexual behavior at the recent American Music Awards. Almost all the clips were preceded with advisories and warnings. When discussed it was a single comment made on …

Read Between The Lines

Filed under: In The News - 28 Nov 2009

The most illogical, unsupported documentation of unorthodox information distributed recently could possibly be one of the most insensitive adverse contemptible advices offered, concerning the early detection, of preventive care, associated with the health and well being of all women.

Politically Correct Stupidity!

It has been shown recently that the Fort Hood Islamic Radical terrorist who killed 13 and wounded another 30 or so innocent Americans was a lover of Islam. He had spoken fondly of beheadings and had active correspondence with Yemeni …