Read Between The Lines

By: William P. Frasca

The most illogical, unsupported documentation of unorthodox information distributed recently could possibly be one of the most insensitive adverse contemptible advices offered, concerning the early detection, of preventive care, associated with the health and well being of all women. A government task force called, “The U.S. Preventative Task Force” which is a panel made up of doctors and scientists, so we are told, whose primary goal was to evaluate the proper age a woman should have their first mammogram. This government selected panel, as other agencies established in this Administration shows its arrogance and audacity by undermining the years of research and study conducted by the American Cancer Society’s concerning the early detection of breast cancer.

Their final analysis stated that women should wait until age 50 to have their initial mammogram, and then schedule the next one, two years later, followed by a consistent two year wait for each and everyone there after. They also stated that women performing self breast exams are basically wasting their time. This goes against all recommendations and acknowledgements addressed by the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society refused to yield and succumb to the government panel by reinforcing and not backing away from their original findings and counseling. They reiterated and totally recommend that each and every woman should have their first mammogram at age of 40, with a yearly screening, and women should continue to perform self examination on their breasts. This natural brought an atmosphere of disbelief and confusion, to each and every individual within this health group category.

Now in the same week, to make medical informational matters worse, with puzzled mystification, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists established new guidelines for cervical cancer screening, advising that women should delay their first pap test until age 21 and screened less often than recommended in the past. Coincidence, that these two new proposals in reducing pertinent tests relating to cancer preventative procedures were announced in the same week? Or are they interrelated in establishing these new guidelines to cut or deny insurance payments. Are both preparing to slowly indoctrinate us into a socialist medical agenda, whose primary goal is to relinquish all control in healthcare to the federal government?

Naturally, it is always recommended that each and every woman, including men, because any and all illnesses have no boundaries, to receive a personal detailed counseling and discussion, relating to any and all health questions, by their own private physician or gynecologist. Presently, you do have this option, but will you still have it after Obamacare is implemented?

The new advice and recommendations announced by the U.S. Preventative Task Force, was ground breaking because a government established, appointed committee and individuals had intervened, basically after Obamacare was passed in the House of Representatives, by trying to override established medical institutions, with their own appointed medical professionals. Before we do the dance of joy, let’s play devil’s advocate by evaluating this situation further. Could there possibly be an alterative motive or shall we say a wolf in sheep’s clothing with their counter proposal of distributing a change in venue concerning their health information and findings to the female populous. One must totally see where all this is coming from and going.

A red flag should immediately pop up with anything involving the government. This untrusting skeptical word “government” in the English language should strike fear in the lives and hearts of every American. When has any non-enforcement civilian government department, agency, board or panel including the United States Congress has ever been operating efficiently, effectively, truthfully, and in a timely manner, completely dedicated to improving American quality of life? When have you ever heard of them functioning with compassion, cooperation, honesty, politely, with correct, proper, pertinent information and directions without any political interference, incompetence ineptness, corruption or inadequacies?

This is the start of something big, in which we must read between the lines that is perfectly clear handwriting on the wall. Obamacare, which was guided and spearheaded with the open bribery and arm-twisting, by the scandalous, freedom sucking leadership of Nancy Pelosi, “the incompetent one” and Harry Reid, “the incoherent one” has recently squeaked out a vote of approval by the United States House of Representatives and continued debate in the United States Senate, on this costly healthcare bill, that the majority of American citizens are rejecting. Nothing like voting the wishes of your constituents, hopefully they will remember these arrogant, self centered individuals on the next election cycle.

Obamacare is showing its true colors with these previous unorthodox recommendations. This must give credence’s to the previous accusations of proposed death panels, confiscating and diminishing Medicare benefits, dictating and controlling each and every phase of healthcare for you and your family, diminished freedoms of choice, and a government option with a cherry on top.

This unfortunately, America is your future under Obamacare. Hand picked political hacks forming panels, presently somewhat legitimate, by being camouflaged as doctors and scientist, who will later be replaced by non-medical bureaucrats selected by a one party patronage system that dances to the tune of whichever party, is in power. They will, determine life and death tests, evaluations and determinations, by considering if you are cost effective and worthy to live or die, by playing Nero with a thumb up or down decision in controlling your future, time and existence on this planet.

Our President, Barrack Hussein Osama, “the chosen ones” assured us that everything was going to be alright, by giving us actual words of encouragement, He stated don’t be frighten by these individuals, who wish healthcare remain status quo. You, your family, seniors and every American healthcare will never be adversely affected or compromised. Unfortunately, Mr. President, actions speak louder than words and you actions telegraph your punches. It is apparent that this phrase once said by President Ronald Reagan to President Jimmy Carter at a national debate, “there you go again”, fits you perfectly.

This destructive Obama healthcare bill is not etched in stone; don’t give up the good fight, by surrendering to these Sociologist Democratic cretins. Continue to legally protest, by using any and all non-violent means at your disposal. This will ultimately express our demands and concerns to the entirely arrogant three monkey Legislatures who are deaf, dumb, and blind and vote against the will and wishes of ourselves, the American people, by proving their loyalty to Obama that will eventually end their careers, committing political suicide.

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