ACORN: We know it’s a Criminal Enterprise! But Pay Them Anyway?

By: Michael John McCrae

Charlie Savage, writing for the New York Times in his 28 November 2009 report entitled: “Justice Department Says Acorn Can Be Paid for Pre-Ban Contracts wrote: “Since 1994, Acorn, which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has received about $53 million in federal aid, much of it grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for providing various services related to affordable housing.”

So about $3.6 million a year to a criminal organization that is willing to set up prostitution businesses with underage children and avoid paying taxes seems a trivial matter that does not warrant much investigation from the United States Attorney General who probably has his plate filled with Bush Administration investigations into Guantanamo Bay torture allegations and a pair of gadflies who snuck into President Obama’s tent soirée the other evening.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the President signed a law on October first of this year to keep ACORN fingers away from American taxpayer money. From the report: “…on Oct. 1, President Obama signed into law a spending bill that included a provision that said no taxpayer money — including money authorized by previous legislation — could be “provided to” the group or its affiliates.”

The term “provided to” is the emphasis here. The Attorney General has taken it upon himself to redefine “provided to” and ignore the term “…including money authorized by previous legislation”. Quoting the report: “The Justice Department has concluded that the Obama administration can lawfully pay the community group Acorn for services provided under contracts signed before Congress banned the government from providing money to the group.”

What that boils down to is the Administration doing whatever it can to ensure ACORN gets more money. It is simply a redefinition of the word “Is”. You need to read this report. It should not matter if there were pre-existing contracts. Now that ACORN has been found out in its criminal activities it should be treated as any other group of criminals. They should have their day in court and should they be acquitted of all criminality, then you can talk of fulfilling contracts and paying any money withheld pending the outcome of any trial. To arbitrarily rule that ACORN can continue to receive taxpayer money based on a redefinition of a term while ignoring something specified in congressional law is both unreasonable and unconscionable.

At least one Republican is voicing his displeasure. A short blurb from the website entitled: “Republican blasts ACORN reprieve”, shows at least one representative of the people trying to protect American taxpayers. From this report: “… Representative Darrell Issa, the top Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said “the bipartisan intent of Congress was clear — no more federal dollars should flow to ACORN. It is telling that this administration continues to look for every excuse possible to circumvent the intent of Congress,” Issa said… “Taxpayers should not have to continue subsidizing a criminal enterprise that helped Barack Obama get elected president. The politicization of the Justice Department to payback one of the president’s political allies is shameful and amounts to nothing more than old-fashioned cronyism.”

You have to ask yourself why ACORN is filling dumpsters with incriminating documents that point directly to their illegal activities all of a sudden? Could it be that AG Holder’s Justice Department is making phone calls? Could it be that if all these documents come to light in a trial setting that the Democrat Party might find more egg on their collective faces that you’d see at a Lemon Morang pie eating contest? Could the ACORN offices in Chicago still hold key evidence that might put another in a wide series of black marks against our illustrious, Teflon coated El Presidente? Stay tuned!

Two other recent articles will explain Democrat reluctance to investigate ACORN criminality. The first: “ACORN Document Dump: Trashed Documents Are Relevant to Investigation”, Posted by Publius On November 27, 2009, which begins: “Have you heard the one about the pimp, prostitute, politician and the community organizer? Well, thanks to San Diego private investigator Derrick Roach, Californians are not laughing at what is turning into a political nightmare for California Attorney General Jerry Brown and ACORN.”

And: “Why Isn’t Anyone Really Investigating ACORN? posted by Chris Berg on November 23, 2009, which begins: “As we rapidly approach December 18th, the day when ACORN is again eligible to receive federal funds, we still have yet to see a meaningful investigation of ACORN.” And follows through with two important comments: “The Department of Justice should have answered calls to investigate ACORN’s criminal and fraudulent activity. The evidence continues to mount, and the Department of Justice continues to look the other way.” The second being: “Representatives John Conyers and Jerry Nadler have failed to launch Congressional hearings into ACORN. Conyers has noted that “the powers that be” won’t allow them.”

Despite any “powers that be” we all need to press for the truth here. ACORN must be brought to account for the millions of dollars now seemingly squandered on behalf of American taxpayers. Allegations of voter fraud, money laundering and outright criminal activity must be investigated and no more of the people’s money should be sent to bolster ACORN’s defense lawyers. If they are innocent of wrongdoing let them prove that in a court of law; not in the court of public opinion. Keep yourselves informed of the action and inaction of both the Justice Department and the United States, Democrat led Congress. Those organizations are supposed to be protecting Americans from criminals. Until just recently, both entities have been ACORN’s greatest enablers.

Oh! You might want to keep an eye on your local dumpsters too!

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