How Can We Continue to be Safe?

By: Guest Authors

by Elizabeth Marion

Since the terrorist attack on our soldiers at Fort Hood, the American people have seen an abundance of political correctness and a severe lack of backbone from this administration. That’s not exactly going to send shivers up the spines of the enemies of this country.

Immediately after the Fort Hood attack, the President was assuring us not to jump to conclusions and giving shout outs before addressing the issue. Members of the Obama administration and several news reporters refused to call Hasan, the man responsible for the shooting, an Islamic terrorist. The man killed fourteen people and everyone seemed to be making some kind of absurd excuse for his actions. He was crazy. He didn’t know what he was doing. He suffered from pre-traumatic stress disorder. He was crying out for help and no one heard him. Hasan was the real victim. I’m sure this tough guy crackdown will make terrorists with similar plans think twice about attacking American soldiers.

Shortly following the Fort Hood attack, Eric Holder made the glorious announcement all America had been waiting for-that the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks will be tried in civilian court in New York. The administration has explained that these trials will be an example to the world of America’s fair justice system. Perhaps they will be, in a similar way that the O.J. Simpson trial was an example of American justice. September 11th did not just take the lives of almost two thousand Americans. It led us into war. What makes the administration believe they can find an impartial jury in New York to partake in a trial on the largest, most devastating attack on one of New York’s most recognizable and iconic skyscrapers? There are two other questions the administration would answer as well: What’s wrong with trying these terrorists in a military tribunal? And what exactly are the benefits of trying them in civilian court? These men were responsible for the worst terrorist attack this country has seen and they’re being given all the benefits and privileges of American citizenship in terms of a trial. And since they’re being given a civilian trial the case may even be thrown out on the basis that the men would be unable to get a fair trial because the Attorney General and the President both have already guaranteed convictions. So not only have the leaders of the country decided to treat these terrorists like common criminals, they have also tainted the case.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to make Americans concerned about national security, three Navy SEALS are now being charged with assault after capturing terrorists overseas. These terrorists were responsible for killing, dismembering, and hanging the body parts of several individuals from a bridge. Instead of being called heroes, these SEALS are being called to the court because the terrorist they captured accused them of giving him a bloody nose. Oh, that poor man! I hope he doesn’t have any nightmares. The heroes are the ones being dragged through the mud, just like the CIA interrogators were dragged through the mud. What’s even worse is that they’re being dragged through the mud by the same people who gave them a job to do and told them to protect the rest of us.

There will be other attacks on America. Our national security forces and our military are being weakened by this administration. We’re prosecuting, investigating, and interrogating the people who are only on the front lines because we told them to be there, and at the same time we’re giving rights to terrorists that they were never meant to have. How can we continue to be safe when we treat the people who are protecting us so poorly? How can we continue to be safe when the terrorists and monsters in the world are the ones who receive the benefit of the doubt and pity from the people they’re supposed to be afraid of? Our military is not being given the support it needs. Our national security leaders won’t even call terrorist attacks what they are. We will not continue to be safe until we have a little more backbone.

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