A Conservative Dilemma

By: Neil Braithwaite

Earlier this year when Rush Limbaugh told Sean Hannity that he hoped President Obama’s policies would fail, many conservative Americans understood exactly what he meant and were in complete agreement with him. After all, what conservative free market capitalist would ever believe Obama’s socialist policies would do anything but destroy America. However, the problem in agreeing with Rush is that the only thing that will eventually fulfill a hope for President Obama’s policies to fail is for the economy to continue to falter.

Regardless whether conservatives believe the stock market is in some kind of weird “up” cycle or the most recent GDP numbers truly reflect the current economy, or that any other positive economic reports and projections are just propaganda, they must reluctantly agree that it will be a real dilemma for them if the economy does begin to rebound amidst President Obama’s policies.

For the sake of our country and its people, positive economic signs and reports are a welcome sight. But something strange has been happening to many conservatives since President Obama started implementing his economic policies. Most conservatives expected the results of Obama’s policies to be negative, and have found themselves not only perplexed by reports of positive economic signs, but also maybe even hoping the economy continues to tank or at least, not improve.

Does believing the economy should be tanking, or hoping the economy tanks, make conservatives any different than many liberals during the final years of the Bush Presidency? Wasn’t it Rush Limbaugh who led the conservative mantra that Obama, along with many liberals, seemed to be cheerleading for a continued bad economy to help win the election? Have conservatives taken a page from the liberal playbook and become economic naysayers, cheerleading for a continued bad economy in order to win in 2010?

The dilemma most conservatives currently find themselves in is not grounded in the success or failure of Obama’s policies, or the result of any positive economic signs. Rather, the conservative dilemma is brought about as they witness what Americans have been doing since the birth of this great nation — persevere.

Unfortunately for hard working Americans, their perseverance may be exactly what President Obama is banking on to make him “look” successful, and also be the catalyst that helps him to succeed in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Neil Braithwaite is a Real Estate Broker and writer in Charlotte, NC. He writes political commentary and satire and is a regular contributor to PoliticalDerby.com.

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