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December 2, 2009

If We Cannot Capture Maurice Clemmons; Let’s Lock Up Mike Huckabee!

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In the mother of all blame games Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is taking a crap-load of heat for his 2000 commutation of a 95 year sentence being served by suspected cop-killer Maurice Clemmons. The State of Arkansas re-incarcerated Clemmons …

Bibi’s Big Blunder

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu incredibly appears to have committed a major blunder in announcing his cabinet’s decision on 25 November:

The Plan to Silence Dissent

By Mark Hyman

There is no shortage of conspiracy theories that elicit a chuckle or the rolling of eyeballs. “September 11th was an inside job.” “The war on Iraq was launched to enrich Halliburton.” “AIDS was created to annihilate the black …

The Turkey That Is Obamanomics

Thanksgiving day progressed in somewhat the usual manner, sleeping in; savoring our coffee; reading the news; putzing around on the computer; and at least one of us (me) working out in anticipation of moderating the inevitable consequences of splurging on …