If We Cannot Capture Maurice Clemmons; Let’s Lock Up Mike Huckabee!

By: Michael John McCrae

In the mother of all blame games Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is taking a crap-load of heat for his 2000 commutation of a 95 year sentence being served by suspected cop-killer Maurice Clemmons. The State of Arkansas re-incarcerated Clemmons after a parole violation, but again released him in 2004.

The article from AP entitled: “Police Seek Ex-Con in Ambush on Wash. Officers”, tells us right up front that Clemmons was “A man with an extensive criminal past”. His 95-year sentence was imposed in 1986 and he served 11 years before being released by the State of Arkansas. Okay. We get it.

This does not explain why; with his “extensive criminal past”, a State of Washington judge permitted him to post bail after a third degree assault against a police officer and a second degree rape of minor children; resulting one week later in Clemmons procuring a weapon with which to gun down four police officers.

It seems to me that no one knew how to keep this murderer behind bars. What was it? Was it his glowing personality? Was it his claim that he was Jesus?

I believe that instead of trying to find someone to blame we place that blame where it belongs; on the murdering scumbag who pulled the trigger! It is time to track Clemmons down and put him down for good. That is what happens to rabid animals and I believe Clemmons fits that portfolio.

But what is this absolute necessity to bring political affiliation into a tragic story? This is nothing less than continually blaming the Bush Administration for all of Obama’s communist idealism. George Bush did not preach from Obama’s 20-year racist pulpit; nor did he write the Communist Manifesto. Obama’s mentors did that. There! You want politics imbedded to blame Republicans? Let’s find out who Clemmons voted for in the last election, shall we? Perhaps he voted for Huckabee in a quid pro quo! You think?

There are four dead police officers whose killer is still at large. I believe we should be concentrating on that, don’t you?

Is this how all such stories will be vetted from this day on? Will every killing be “fact checked” to find out which governor commuted which sentence? Will the new “Hate Crimes” bill be invoked against this Clemmons? Maybe he just hates white people? Do you believe that side of a possible motive will even be suggested? Or do you see that being white-washed even whiter than the black against white, racially motivated assaults not being discussed in Denver, Colorado?

Cut me a politically correct break here MSM!

Hind sight is always 20-20 vision. Hypothetical’s can be thrown around all year long but it will not change any of the actual facts. We are left to mourn the loss of those who swore to “serve and protect”. We are charged with the duty to bring the killer to justice before he can kill again. He will kill again. There is little doubt. There is no time for blame. There is only time to be on guard.

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