Dobbs & Gheen Interview on national radio and your thoughts?


Friends of ALIPAC,

Thank you to those of you who took the time to watch the entire Lou Dobbs interview on Telemundo which has caused a lot of controversy.

From the first 2,000 of our supporters to watch the 25-minute video and complete our response survey we can tell that over 70% of our supporters are disappointed or upset by the comments of Lou Dobbs on Telemundo.

About 50% of you want us to publicly drop our support for Lou Dobbs and disable the supportive websites we have created such as while 30% of you asked us to give Mr. Dobbs more time. Only 13% of you said we should continue to support Lou Dobbs as we have been.

While responses are still coming in, we have a strong sample from our 30,000+ national support base to give us clear patterns of reactions.

Here are the results for you to review if you like…

Lou Dobbs allowed ALIPAC President William Gheen on his national radio show on Monday, November 30 to discuss the strong negative reaction to the Telemundo interview.

Please take the time to listen to this discussion between Dobbs and Gheen and then send us your feedback and reactions.

Please let us know if this more detailed discussion of the Dobbs Telemundo interview changes or solidifies your opinions in relation to our survey.

Dobbs & Gheen ON THE AIR Monday
(Click on Play button above the word “Interviews”

Please post your reactions to this audio interview at the following link. How did you feel about the Dobbs Telemundo interview? Did this interview on the radio change your reactions? Do you feel Dobbs has had sufficient time to explain himself. Are you satisfied with his explanations? Do you agree with or disagree with his positions? What do you feel ALIPAC should do in reaction to this information?

We want to hear from you at this link and we will send your comments to Dobbs in a few days….

Comments / Reactions link…


PS: Many thanks to all of you that made our recent funds drive a success before the deadline last night. We can now continue our mission into 2010 thanks to your friendship and dedication.

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