Iran: Time for a Confrontation?

By: Michael John McCrae

Mahmoud Amahdinejad has been running around South America; visiting his socialist buddies; extolling the virtue of Iran while defaming America and Israel as weak, do-nothings, afraid of confrontation. Personally I believe he is underestimating Israel. He may have the Obama Administration down pat.

The squeaky little dwarf of Iranian tyranny has been getting a lot of press coverage lately; perhaps even more than President Obama. A recent AP article entitled: “Iran Approves Plan to Build 10 New Uranium Enrichment Plants”, is a short examination of Iran’s defiance of even more United Nations and United States rhetoric. The Iranian government firmly believes they will be able to continue its nuclear program unabated. If Saddam Hussein could hold off the world through 17 U.N. resolutions; surely Iran can hold off the world for many more.

From the article: “Iran approved plans Sunday to build 10 new uranium enrichment facilities, a dramatic expansion in defiance of the U.N. nuclear watchdog, days after it demanded Tehran stop construction on one plant and halt all enrichment activities.”

“Demands” do not sit well is Islamic Fundamentalist tyrants. Iran will push the envelope while the rest of the world tries to sound-bite its way to diplomatic solutions continually rejected by militant Islamists: Quoting the article: “The White House said the move “would be yet another serious violation of Iran’s clear obligations under multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions and another example of Iran choosing to isolate itself…Time is running out for Iran to address the international community’s growing concerns about its nuclear program,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.”

I am sure Tehran is quaking in its Islamic booties. “…yet another serious violation [of] clear obligations…” leaves Iran with even more “time” to “run out” before what; America runs out of carrots? Just how many “serious violations” does any country need to display before anyone in the United Nations or the United States says the word “Enough!” It took 16 toothless resolutions to finally get the world to act against Iraq’s murdering regime. Iran should be kicked out of the United Nations for their “defiance”. Iran is threatening non-cooperation with the IAEA and a pullout from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Well, by their recently admitted, formerly secret activities in building a second uranium enrichment facility the Iranians have already proven they cannot be trusted to abide by any cooperative agreements with the IAEA. Their recent balk against a deal to send nuclear material to Russia for processing is further proof of their untrustworthiness. The Iranian government is being run by liars and Islamic radicals. (Which is why the liars and liberal radicals of the Obama Administration believe a compromise is possible.)

It is time to stop the rhetoric. It is time to tell the Islamist radicals running Iran and their little, bobble-headed President they are being cut off until their population overthrows their diplomatically retarded tyranny in favor of a less insane group of religious zealots. The World Bank and anyone else handling Iranian money should immediately freeze Iranian assets to prevent their satellite agencies from continuing their terrorist activities.

A companion article addresses this part of Iran’s war against “infidels”. The AP article was: “Iran Earmarks $20M for Militant Groups Who Oppose West”, dealing with Iran’s monetary support of Hamas and Hezbollah.

For anyone paying attention, we know Hamas and Hezbollah are two of the many militant arms of Iranian Islamism. More importantly, these are the two that are most closely associated with direct attacks against Israel. This is simply Iran making good on Ahmadinejad’s promise to completely destroy the State of Israel. Is anyone on record condemning Iran for monetary support of terrorist activity? I thought not.

The tough-sounding rhetoric of the West has not slowed Iran’s advance toward the development of nuclear weapons. It may be time for a more direct confrontation.

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