Global Warming a Global Ripoff

By: Craig Chamberlain

Global warming is not science. There I said it. To those that believe that the earth is rapidly warming, that statement puts me on the same moral ground as people who believe the earth is flat, and holocaust deniers. But it needs to be said. Sane people have known for some time that the whole global warming thing is a fraud, cooked up by soulless socialists, opportunistic politicians, and con men looking to make a quick buck(hey, when you combine all three of those traits you get Al Gore).

At the first earth day in 1970, the hippies were squawking about a new ice age. When the people weren’t too inclined to buy their snake oil, they switched gears. They insisted that the planet was heating up due to co2 emissions, that the greenhouse effect would flood the polar ice caps, raise ocean levels, flood the coastal areas of the world, destroy crops, and millions upon millions would die as a result. By fudging the data( more on that later), getting enough political activists masquerading as scientists, convincing enough left wing politicians, and the leftists goon squads that make up the American education system, they have made global warming an article of faith. It’s never to be questioned, and all sacrifices are to be made to keep this boogey man away.

Global warming has nothing to do with rising temperatures. It has everything to do with politics, specifically socialism. The left knows that it can’t sell socialist policies on their own. There is nothing advantageous, rational, or workable in socialist theory. It’s all about theft, class warfare, and political oppression. Most people know that socialism is garbage and stay away from it. When socialists are honest about what they want to do they get rejected quickly. So they know that they have to disguise their intentions in order to get approval.

Hence the boogey man of global warming, he’s out to destroy the planet. The left has the only way to stop him, only the power of socialism can heal the planet and make sure that we don’t cook to death. Never mind that their evidence was, at best, flimsy. This was their chance to impose their views. They realized that if they did it all in the name of saving the planet, it’s all for the children after all, they could get away with it.

Dissent was silenced, they began their attacks on capitalism, getting many big corporations on board(many corporations don’t care for the competition that capitalism requires, or they were too afraid to stand up to the political elites pushing this nonsense) they passed the Kyoto accords, which didn’t lower the temperatures any, they started cap and trade(the UK just announced that it hasn’t worked, but that’s OK. It’s not about temperature it’s about fooling the masses, and socializing as much of the world as possible). They sell carbon permits the way the Catholic Church used to sell indulgences.

Anyone who spoke out was banished and attacked. Look at Bjorn Lomborg, for his book the Skeptical Environmentalist, he was ruthlessly attacked by the left wing zombies, the environmental nazis went all out to discredit him. The only thing they didn’t accuse him of was being a Nazi War criminal. Still people kept pointing out the truth. Every time they kept yelping about the earth warming, we would have a brutally cold winter. The earth hasn’t warmed since 1997, and while there is activity at Arctic, the Antarctic ice shelf is the largest it has ever been.

Now the “scientists” of the CRU at East Anglia University have been caught tampering with the data. And all this time I thought scientists were only interested in the facts, nothing more. I guess they’re political hacks like everyone else in the global warming fraud. Any information, any facts, that contradicted their political(or in some cases, religious) beliefs was omitted.

In the real world that’s called lying. To the fascists of the global warming that’s keeping the faith. All of the elites, from Al Gore, to the Prince of Monaco, and to all the other thugs who have so much invested in this fraud, are fighting back with everything they have. They know they are losing, and they have a lot of money and power on the line. If people no longer believe the lie what will become of them? They might actually have to get honest work to support themselves.

People have been duped, they pay money to these con men to reduce their carbon footprint(they never quite explain how that’s supposed to work) they buy expensive, worthless, products in a vain attempt to go green. They set back progress and the standard of living, by making everything more expensive, they want to put hard working Americans out of a job so they can prop up a lie.

It’s time to send the global warming liars to the unemployment line. There they can meet the many Americans they worked so hard to defraud and put them on the unemployment line to begin with.

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