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December 7, 2009

Giuliani Named Security Chief for 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Filed under: Politics In General - 07 Dec 2009

While pundits, news analysts, and reporters attempt to predict former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s political future — including talk of a run for the US Senate — the latest news coming from his security firm appears to quash those …

The Path to Victory

Filed under: Politics In General - 07 Dec 2009

What do we do now? That is the question that is building up like a tidal wave from a nation that finds itself at the precipice of national self destruction.

When Amateurs Run the Country

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 07 Dec 2009

Can Barack Obama turn around an economy that is incarcerated within the throes of his policies? Can he reverse the double digit unemployment he created?

Maurice Clemmons; Mike Huckabee: Where’s That Death Penalty?

I want to congratulate the Seattle Police for their steady and swift work in tracking down career criminal, Maurice Clemmons. The Fox News website put up the article: “Suspect in Washington State Police Killings Shot Dead”, which began: “Seattle police …