Maurice Clemmons; Mike Huckabee: Where’s That Death Penalty?

By: Michael John McCrae

I want to congratulate the Seattle Police for their steady and swift work in tracking down career criminal, Maurice Clemmons. The Fox News website put up the article: “Suspect in Washington State Police Killings Shot Dead”, which began: “Seattle police shot and killed the fugitive suspected of gunning down four officers in a suburban coffee shop…”

It turned out that Clemmons had help eluding police. Fortunately he left a trail that was discovered by a “very alert patrol officer” [who] “tracked down a stolen vehicle linked to [Clemmons]”. He was killed resisting arrest. From the article: “Clemmons had stayed on the run for nearly two days with help from a network of friends and family who gave him places to stay, medical aid, rides and money, police said… Police [believed] people close to Clemmons deliberately misled officers.”

It is my hope that every person who assisted Clemmons in evading police will receive the maximum jail sentence allowed by law.

The 20-20 hind sight crowd is not letting up on their scorn directed toward Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Instead of blaming the killer or his accomplices, media has linked with self-righteous mouthpieces to decry a nine-year-old commutation; choosing to ignore the more important recent allowance of bail by a local Seattle judge who apparently did not consider child rape and officer assault serious enough charges to deny bail to Clemmons.

There are probably a thousand errors in this story that led to its tragic end. Clemmons was a hardened criminal when he was given his original 108 year sentence. Serving 11 of those years he had by then received a career criminal’s education from Prison University. He was given a commutation based on his “youth” and not necessarily on his rehabilitation. He was re-arrested and re-incarcerated after a parole violation and that should have been the end of that, but he was again released in 2004. He was permitted to leave Arkansas for whatever reason, but committed crimes in Washington State that should have gotten him prison time. He was granted bail. He was able to enlist another criminal to assist his planned murders of police officers. He was able to obtain guns to complete his plan. It all speaks toward a solid rebuke of any and all people who say the United States should abolish the death penalty.

I read this article today too: “Police Plan to Charge Getaway Driver, Others in Washington Cop Shootings”, which began: “The convicted murderer who drove Maurice Clemmons away from the coffee shop where he massacred four suburban police officers waited with a newly purchased cigar in the getaway truck while Clemmons committed the crimes, prosecutors said…Darcus Allen, 38, who did time with Clemmons in an Arkansas prison, pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail after he was charged with being a fugitive.”

Did you catch that? “The convicted murderer…”!

If this “Darcus Allen” is a “convicted murderer”; why was he in Washington State; able to assist Maurice Clemmons, when he should have been in a cemetery somewhere pushing up daffodils?

The only real blame is the United States’ Justice System that allows convicted killers to return to free society. Premeditated murderers do not deserve mercy. They deserve punishment. Killers determined to be insane can stay behind bars for the rest of their natural lives. Those who fully understand their crime; having acted in premeditation, should be tried, convicted and killed, to prevent such tragedies as occurred in Seattle.

Mr. Darcus Allen does not deserve mercy here. He assisted Maurice Clemmons in this heinous crime and should pay for that with the forfeiture of his own life. We’ll see just how serious Washington State is about this statement: “Prosecutors warned they might charge [Allen] with… being an accomplice to aggravated first-degree murder — a crime that could bring the same penalties as if he had shot the police himself: life without release, or execution. “We will prosecute everyone involved in this murder to the greatest extent possible,” said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.”

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